• Oyere M.
    04/02/2022 18:50

    I hate this black leader called Obama.all u see about him is a desperate man willing to sell his African lineage to the whites as he makes his move towards fame.

  • Елена М.
    03/31/2022 06:46

    How many times did Russia say that it was the will of people living in Crimea to join Russia!? They had a referendum and people all voted for it! Can't people in Donbass and Crimea decide who they want to join and who not? Aren't they free to choose? Should the US choose for them? Should they tolerate torture and killing administered on them from the ukranean government? Has the world gone completely blind and deaf not to see all that?

  • Poate M.
    03/30/2022 21:48

    Thanks President Obama. One of the best president of USA. The first black president...history in the making.

  • Shahzad A.
    03/24/2022 02:42

    Now European countries and USA yours last times come

  • Shahzad A.
    03/24/2022 02:40

    This atomic wars fittings in the European countries land and USA land now you are facing the biggest supper power Russia not Iraq and Japan and Afghanistan

  • Shahzad A.
    03/24/2022 02:40

    We are supporting Russian that's a Russian land Russian take their place

  • Shahzad A.
    03/24/2022 02:40

    Russian army's is a great army's

  • Shahzad A.
    03/24/2022 02:40

    Russian own the rights

  • Mostafa A.
    03/18/2022 14:08


  • Dan M.
    03/18/2022 01:55

    I'm a trump fan and I would rather have Obama back 1 million times over his idiot VP holy cow atleast Obama was good at being a face for America and well spoken. Democratic party. Look at this clown you voted in lmao shame on all of you

  • Hammy T.
    03/17/2022 19:17

    Over dope

  • Ahmed A.
    03/17/2022 16:29

    Obama pulled the trigger more times than I can count. He is responsible for so much death and misery. He is the only Nobel Laurate to bomb a hospital built by a fellow Nobel Laurate.

  • Erin F.
    03/17/2022 02:56

    Crimea overwhelmingly voted for independence.

  • Carmel R.
    03/17/2022 00:52

    they didnt attack them for fun There were reasons

  • Janet B.
    03/16/2022 23:56

    Teresa Haseloh. I can't find your post to respond!

  • Sigurður Ó.
    03/16/2022 17:10

    Isn't this the guy that bombed Libia and killed Gaddafi?

  • Danny K.
    03/16/2022 14:49

    US and nato a.k.a nutto is gangster. They recruit countries by giving them membership. It is like triads recruiting members. Then, they go around the world to provoke countries. They want to be the "big brother" in everything. Same time, they get profit by selling firearms to countries. E.g. provoke China via Taiwan. Then sell firearms to Taiwan

  • Michael N.
    03/16/2022 13:43

    Yeah, like Syria and Palestine, right?

  • Stanley S.
    03/16/2022 11:08

    Proof that O’Bama is responsible for the construction of bio-chemical research buildings in Ukrain…. worth the read………….https://thecharliekirkshow.com/columnists/charlie-kirk/posts/deleted-web-page-shows-obama-plan-to-build-biolab-for-especially-dangerous-pathogens-in-ukraine

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