#WhereIsPengShuai : Chinese tennis star vanishes after making rape allegations

Tennis champion Peng Shuai has been missing since she accused a senior Chinese Communist Party official of raping her. Here’s what we know so far ... #WhereIsPengShuai

11/20/2021 3:58 PM


  • Lincoln T.
    12 hours

    Free Assange and Snowden.

  • Sion R.
    a day

    Do not conduct any sports in the contery. Boycott. ZHAO LIJIAN someone's face cant tell many sorties. But not all true 😪😪

  • Idol L.
    2 days

    Release her stupid goalie.

  • Thaniah H.
    2 days


  • Zulfiqar A.
    2 days

    I always find these people ruthless and robotic. If I write the name of the country I will be banned from commenting for another week . This application is getting biased with each passing day . You just can’t comment on what you feel like . I pray for her safe recovery amen

  • Tandy T.
    3 days

    Chinese A-list celebrities,billionaires,big names in industries are dissappearing one after another and after they return the come to praise the chinese government....sounds sketchy to me..idk

  • Ivan P.
    3 days


  • Peter J.
    3 days

    She is not the first person to go missing ANTBODY that specks AGAIST the authorities some return completely different after years ,

  • Gilbert G.
    3 days


  • Jerry E.
    3 days

    Where was Killery the night she disappeared?

  • Acosta G.
    4 days

    shame on this guy... 🤢

  • Sandra R.
    4 days

    Hope she is safe and sound somewhere until all of this is taken care of an she can go on with her life.

  • Ed D.
    4 days

    everyone is shocked that these chinese celebrities have gone missing , they aren’t missing they are in indoctrination camps getting reprogrammed to follow the communist parties ideals and behaviors, this is the same thing the left in this country is proposing for all the people on the right , Katie Coric even said it on national tv , that we should be put in indoctrination camps and Don Lemon said if we can’t come around then we should be purged from society, we don’t need to be worrying about what’s happened to the chinese, what we need to do is keep a close eye on what’s coming at us here

  • Thai L.
    5 days

    this guy bad 🐈‍⬛

  • Wink S.
    5 days

    Same happened to Famous C-actress Fan Bing Bing & Chinese Billionaire Jacka

  • Cesar S.
    5 days

    Xi is tolerating to the harm done by one of his colleagues to one of its citizens. There is no true justice system in China

  • Adrain J.
    5 days

    Can't believe how gullible most of the commentators here are. So easily swayed by fake news. 🤦‍♂️

  • Ken T.
    5 days

    Dude there are chinese americans being murdered, maimed right here in the USA . This why nothing is being done about it, when right here in your front and back yard. She will be fine, she is probably wondering the same thing I am. When did this concern and care for the citizens of China start. You do know that they are a million times better of as an individual or as a family, from education, financially, healthcare, home owner. Coming second only to the US in number of millionaires and billionaires, exceeds the US in number of engineers, yearly graduateing a close second in technology and science to the US in yearly graduates. A record number of citizens that have been elevated above the extreme poverty line in the history of human kind and in record time. Compared to the very recent past 100 years where famine , sickness , killed millions and 90 % lived below extreme poverty. Where was the love ? .

  • Soren H.
    5 days

    ... Shame on you China...!

  • Etta Y.
    6 days

    How can this be how other countries are.. It's like a 1000 years ago. America be aware it will be reality in America soon..

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