• Marta O.
    03/07/2017 17:19

    Ugh Jako polka, wstyd mi za niego... 😒 as a polish woman I'm ashamed for him... 😒

  • Mary C.
    03/07/2017 16:41

    If women are weaker, i would like to see that man give birth without epidural. We'll see if he can last labor pains.

  • Nancy R.
    03/07/2017 16:23

    Con todo respeto no tiene madre hermanas hijas no lo puedo creer si mentanlo completo a la caja de manera que no pueda salir y que dios lo bendiga

  • Allyssa U.
    03/07/2017 14:39

    girl what is this 🙄 let's file this away in the L box for this man.

  • Sarah H.
    03/07/2017 13:14

    Good thing he's going to die soon

  • Jennifer R.
    03/07/2017 12:45

    thats what i was talking about at brunch! Go spain 👌🏻

  • Joy J.
    03/07/2017 05:35

    Disgusting old man 🖕🏼😡🖕🏼

  • Parveen H.
    03/07/2017 05:21


  • Nadja M.
    03/07/2017 05:18

    And how many men have given birth? 0.

  • Izabela H.
    03/07/2017 04:59

    Ok why do I have to listen to this jerk every time i scroll through the feed each day?! This is all that needs to be said about him http://dpaki.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/tumblr_m5v9l0uKO61rp77yvo1_500_large.gif

  • Brooke K.
    03/07/2017 04:18

    Chest players.

  • Dot M.
    03/07/2017 04:08


  • Bryanna K.
    03/07/2017 03:08


  • Anande P.
    03/07/2017 02:57

    This is honestly hilarious, there's people who still think this way? Disgusting.

  • Chantal G.
    03/07/2017 02:53

    He since lost his spot in the parliament. This should also be stated.

  • Katarzyna M.
    03/07/2017 02:16

    Please somebody loosen up his bow tie, obviously blood flow to his brain is decreased.

  • Jennifer S.
    03/07/2017 01:53

    His mother was stupid enough to not swallow him, so he has made a point for one.

  • Emily Z.
    03/07/2017 00:55

    I wanna hardcore fight him

  • Vivian M.
    03/07/2017 00:24

    I am angry

  • Plasencia N.
    03/06/2017 23:28

    Unfucking believable that someone can think like that now n days. He obviously hasn't meet his match. Its like they forget that they came out a woman's vag. If women are weak then so are U!!