5 Measures Used to Deter the Homeless Around the World

Life is certainly difficult for those experiencing homelessness — and blasting "Baby Shark" on a loop where they’re sleeping doesn’t help.

Desperate to get rid of homeless people

5 measures to Get rid of the homeless Used around the world.

Songs - In West Palm Beach, Florida, the nursery rhyme “Baby Shark” was played in a loop over several nights to make the homeless move away from the seafront. West Palm Beach parks and recreation director Leah Rockwell told the Palm Beach Post they’re trying to discourage people from camping out along the glass-walled Lake Pavilion, which is part of the City Commons and Waterfront Promenade area.

Cold showers - In Paris in 2017, the owner of a parking lot used cold showers that were automatically activated so homeless people could not sleep on his property. Cold water sprays installed in a private car park entrance in Paris sparked a nationwide debate. The setup, in a wealthy neighborhood steps from the iconic Rivoli shopping avenue, sprayed water onto anyone approaching the covered entrance without a resident’s permit, effectively driving away homeless people seeking shelter for the night.

Spikes - In London, anti-homeless spikes were installed in a building entrance in 2015. The mayor at the time, Boris Johnson, tweeted on the matter. Boris Johnson called for the removal of spikes that have been installed to prevent homeless people sleeping outside a London building. The Mayor of London called the spikes, pictures of which have gone viral on social media, “ugly, self-defeating and stupid.”

Fines - In 2018, the Hungarian Parliament approved a law banning people from sleeping in the street. With police now empowered to remove rough sleepers from streets and dismantle huts and shacks, a government official said that the law “serves the interests of society as a whole”.

Removal of soup kitchens - In 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Banned soup kitchens in the town center. A few months later, the ban was lifted. Soup kitchen activities are permitted to operate as usual without any timeframe, but the cleanliness aspect will be stringently monitored by Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL).


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  • Jodi W.
    09/11/2019 22:07

    Low Life too bad they aren bad mayor

  • Brut
    09/11/2019 22:18

    Most photos of people experiencing homelessness are unflattering, but this photographer wants you to see them in a new light with his stylized portraits. 📸6

  • Shanti D.
    09/12/2019 00:29


  • Richard E.
    09/12/2019 02:13


  • Rolf F.
    09/12/2019 18:44

    A society should be judged by how they treat the lowest among them. America has no soul.

  • Mike O.
    09/13/2019 18:04

    So you told us all about what doesn't work or is inhumane- but you offer zero solutions?? Anybody can emotionally point out the obvious. How about one - just one- idea?

  • Paul H.
    09/15/2019 01:23

    Its illegal to be poor. I knew it would happen someday.

  • Becky H.
    09/16/2019 00:58

    I believe that several countries were represented in this... What's your solution? I think all these closed down malls should be converted into rooms... Cafeterias... Showers... Job training facilities... Security...Transportation to jobs... etc... Who's to fund it? We will of course because really we already are...

  • Janie A.
    7 days

    Churches. Free taxes. Now show how loving & helpfully you are suppose to be. Divide areas of their responsibilities. Monitor their activity

  • Bobbi P.
    6 days

    How much longer are we going to accept this vicious treatment of our most vulnerable citizens?

  • Alison N.
    6 days

    Anyone can become homeless at anytime! They are not a scourge of insects or pests!

  • Faye H.
    6 days

    Jesus would have qualified as homeless. Just saying .....

  • Gayle B.
    4 days

    So in other words the Mayor is saying instead of trying to help these people, he annoys them to move because rich people are bothered. Shame on him.

  • Ernesto G.
    2 days

    From what I've seen of this video doing that to homeless people I don't think think they are anywhere close to God treating a other human being like that while he or she is down on their luck

  • Rick C.
    15 hours

    You failed to show the people that have to deal daily with the "homeless" passed out in their business doorsteps, the stench of urine and defecation, and the vandalism of their property. The steps shown here where to make the homeless choose somewhere else to go. What are the property owners supposed to do! You villinize the steps that were taken but gave no solutions to the issue as usual!

  • Jolynn C.
    15 hours

    What has our world turned into ? People r so unkind , if I were rich is do alot to help the homeless , cause u never know when you could become homeless.