5 Ways Politicians Clash With Journalists

World leaders could simply answer direct questions — but they’ve been known to treat journalists like this. 😮

5 ways that heads of state respond to journalists.

Acosta, the self-appointed champion of the White House press corps “Will you stop calling the press the enemy of the people, sir?” he once yelled from the very back of a room, had once again squared off with Donald Trump, asking why the president used the word “invasion” to refer to a caravan of migrants traveling to the U.S. to seek asylum. The exchange culminated in Trump calling Acosta a “rude, terrible person,” and a White House intern attempting to recover the mic.

President Macron didn’t seem to appreciate the question for the definition of the word “private”? It was a fair point since it was labeled as such and there were a lot of cameras, a lot of photographers during the private visit of the Taj Mahal. Macron used sarcasm in his reply, “I must thank you for your relevant question after a three-day visit to a country like India, which testifies to all the wealth you must have drawn from this trip, your interest in these strategic issues and what I’ve been saying since the conference began.”

President Vladimir Putin has suggested that anyone who wants to criticize Russia's campaign in Chechnya should join the rebels in their Islamist holy war, adding that they could enhance their prospects of being accepted into the ranks by travelling to Moscow to be circumcised.

Members of the New Zealand press were determined to make a story out of the fact a woman is having a baby while at work, as if it’s not something women do every single day across the world. While it doesn’t sound as if it’s very harmful, the scrutiny not only serves as further reminder that women face much more intense questioning over having children than men do, especially when they’re in senior leadership positions like Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealandand are forced to be indignant like with the journalists.

Rodrigo Duterte President of the Philippines threatened he would not be lectured by Obama over concerns about a brutal war on drug crime that has claimed more than 2,400 lives in the Philippines.

Leaders around the world’s relationship with the media plays out in a contentious but mutually beneficial way, with both sides using the other for publicity and reach.


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    the Australian PM was completely correct though

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    It still baffles me yet depressing how 43% of Americans voted for this RACIST

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    Trump told CNN reporter Jim Acosta, "You are a rude,terrible person you shouldn't be working for CNN." Hmm, well using similar logic then, since Trump is a rude and terrible person he shouldn't be working for the United States. Oh sorry I misspoke, Trump isn't working for the United States.

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    Communist,Fascist & Socialist Dictators are racists & rude control freaks to hold peoples freedom from thier necks to ripped them out from thier rights & freedom in order to have an absolute control of power within the government for only to the causes of themselves either greed,misogyny, sexism,racism,xenophobia & bigotry comes out from thier rants through thier words take a look at the fate of dictators ruled this world from Southeast Asia,Africa & South America?thier histories are quite disturbing on issues of either genocidal murders or bankruptcies of their governments.; impeach Fascists & all sorts of racists dictator

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    They are the reason for increasing refugee problem across the world.

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    Here's a look at President Trump's long-standing history of hostility towards journalists.

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    Dirty Donnie hates the media bcus they expose him and bad actors in his orbit...all corrupt and lie after getting caught

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    Main stream media is full of fake news..

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