• Akbar R.
    08/28/2018 13:50

    you see what I'm saying

  • Alon C.
    08/23/2018 05:20


  • Keegan B.
    08/22/2018 10:59

    Typical woman crying because she doesn't have the logic to think without her feelings. islam is a violent scourge. moderate islam is the minority. most Islamists are pro sharia law, pro anti apostate laws, pro female gentile mutilation. and even fewer islamists are willing to speak out against the atrocities of islam. acid attacks, rape gangs, no go zones. the religion either needs to reform, or be eradicated.

  • Daniel A.
    08/21/2018 16:14

    People should vote

  • Paul K.
    08/21/2018 15:57

    But he said the truth

  • Elizabeth A.
    08/21/2018 00:10

    He should be in hot water. What an evil person.

  • Lorin H.
    08/20/2018 23:23

    Anne Ally, don't cry, this man will last 2 seconds.

  • Houari B.
    08/20/2018 22:24

    You can't judge someone bean a Muslim

  • Shobha G.
    08/20/2018 18:36

    The way Christianity is not a race in the same way Muslims are not a race... Being anti muslim is not racism... This is another propaganda of the Muslims to play the victim card... All terrorists are muslims and this is a fact... Being of a certain race (black, white, brown) cannot be decided by a person but being of a certain religion is a conscious choice... Following Islam is a choice and thats why they don't deserve any sympathy based on race...

  • Anastasia S.
    08/20/2018 17:32

    Nice editing. His full comment was that the final solution for the Australian people was to vote.

  • David M.
    08/20/2018 16:41

    I don't hate muslims but you could have reexamined the senator's speech because Britain has allowed so many immigrants in their country and now they are crying they are losing their country! Secondly when they will come with their strange god,Jesus will depart from Australia and the rest we shall watch in CNN

  • Robert R.
    08/20/2018 15:51

    The last man is as hateful

  • Kins Y.
    08/20/2018 13:02

    What about all the international students that are raped on Astralian campuses and nothing isn't being done about it? Heck what about the Aborigines rights?

  • Shawnn B.
    08/20/2018 12:31

    Most of the terrorists over here in America have been White men who were bullied in school!

  • Thomas W.
    08/20/2018 11:44

    We need to define "Nazi-like" rhetoric. If a person is explaining what the will of Allah--Sharia Law means to non-Islamic people. Islam is not a faith-tradition it is a Cult of submission to the will of Allah!

  • Carla C.
    08/20/2018 07:59


  • Carla C.
    08/20/2018 07:59

    Australians are famous for their racism

  • Raahim S.
    08/20/2018 07:47

    When america destoryed iraq no one argued when israel destroyes Syria no one argues when America invades half of all muslim countries threaten to destroy them no one argues buy when a single so called muslim suicide bomber attacks them whole world goes crazy.

  • T J.
    08/20/2018 05:54


  • John S.
    08/20/2018 05:09

    If you disagree with the radical left, you'll get called Nazi regardless of your actual beliefs. Keep on doing what you're doing sir. Dont pay attention to these virtue signaling commies.

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