Australian Senator in Hot Water Over Nazi-Inspired Rhetoric

Spewing Nazi-inspired rhetoric about Muslims has put this Australian senator in hot water.

08/19/2018 9:01 PM


  • Marc T.
    03/20/2019 03:15

    We have dipshits like this in America and now you guys type L in the chat boys

  • Chhan D.
    03/19/2019 17:36

    When it is white terrorist you people will called them white supremacy and got influence by Trump and Non Muslim and Muslim will blames trump and if that is right then this should be right too, A Muslim terrorist killed Christian and non Christian in Middle East ,south east Asia , Africa and they killed a person and say allahu akbar and they were influence by the Islam teaching and Non Muslim will blame the the Islam and You Muslim people will only try to defend the Islam.

  • Bailey S.
    03/18/2019 11:21


  • Tamieka A.
    03/18/2019 03:31


  • Yousef T.
    03/17/2019 21:10

    Racism and terrorism are a disease that has no religion the explanation of racism is the cause of all our problems if we start accepting each other's differences none of this would ever happen I'm a Muslim isis do not represent me the murder of the 40 people in New Zealand is a terrorist and he does not represent any religion these are random people raised on hating others due to their differences may god heal them that's all i can say

  • Danyal N.
    03/16/2019 13:39

    *A German Muslim scholar when he was asked about TERRORISM and Islam. He said. "Who started the first world war? Not Muslims!! Who started the second world war? Not Muslims!! Who killed 6 million Jews in the Holocaust ? Not Muslims. Who killed about 200,000 of Aborigines in Australia ? Not Muslims!! Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Not Muslims!! Who killed more than 100 millions of Indians in North America? Not Muslims!! Who killed more than 50 million of Indians in south America? Not Muslims!! Who took about 180 millions of African people as slaves and 88% of them died and were thrown overboard into Atlantic ocean? Not Muslims!! No, NOT Muslims!! First of all, You will have to define terrorism properly. If a non-Muslim does something bad. It is crime. But if a Muslim commits the same. He is a Terrorist. So first remove this double standards. Then come to the point. I am proud to be a MUSLIM !!

  • Danyal N.
    03/16/2019 13:39

    He is He is He is

  • Candy A.
    03/16/2019 07:55

    The devil's spawn are very busy pretending to be human beings.

  • Raza K.
    03/16/2019 05:52

    So what do one expect from the citizens ruled by such ignorant and hatefilled Islamophobic crusading colonialist supremacist so called leaders?

  • Sheikh A.
    03/16/2019 05:30

    اپنے دوست کو یہ دکھائیں۔

  • Christopher S.
    03/16/2019 04:51

    Why does 🤬get air time?

  • Naeem A.
    03/16/2019 03:24

    Christians, Jewish and Hindu are terrorist they exposed...

  • Shahriar H.
    03/16/2019 01:23

    This SOB himself is from a ex convict, migrated and breed by a convicted family from Britain. He has some cheek. Don't come to Bangladesh to play cricket again. Happy without you people.

  • Virginia S.
    03/16/2019 00:54

    It's right to stand against raciest.

  • Bornin D.
    03/16/2019 00:47

    I just want to say. You have mind inside it a brain used well please your eyes and avoid media ideology wich makes you afraid of Islam. . ...Islam is a way of living where everyone live in peace and harmony...but the western government stole and make pressure to the Muslim country and make freedom as cover of their crime ...must know when muslims react against oppression and colonialism it called terrorists...why always we condamn the oppressed and we support the your eyes and go to read and read you will find the truth of your existence in Islam just be subjective.

  • Nevin S.
    03/15/2019 23:37

    you Cucks have no idea

  • وسام ا.
    03/15/2019 22:37

    النعكم الله في الدنيا قبل الاخره 💔💔

  • Manar A.
    03/15/2019 22:34

    Can we say after this attack that all Christians are terrorists.?? Now have any Muslim blamed jew, hindu or Christian? Obviously not. Terror has no religion. Few A** holes in this world are trying to divide people with these coward acts.

  • Iulian A.
    03/15/2019 22:30

    Unpopular opinion and you can backlash me all you want, but have you ever been to the most developed countries in Europe lately? I'm not talking about terrorism now, but have you seen what immigrants from Middle East and Africa have done to the countries that granted them the opportunity to settle in? If not, you should check the tons of footage on YouTube, or better yet, go see for yourselves. It's mind-blowing! The filth they make into the streets, the fact that they don't abide by the laws, they're making their own laws, they have no respect for the society they came into. You should visit Paris, or Berlin. That'll make you see things from a very different perspective.

  • Anne B.
    03/15/2019 22:22

    Not ALL terrorists are muslims. There is Plenty of white trash terrorists all over the world

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