Biggest revelations from Prince Harry’s memoir, 'Spare'

His frostbitten penis, his brother’s receding hairline and that Nazi costume… These are some of the most bizarre bombshells from Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir, 'Spare'.

What's in Prince Harry's memoir Spare ?

#1 Before William and Kate’s wedding in 2011, Harry had been on a 200-mile charity expedition to the North Pole. During the arctic trek, he says his ears, cheeks, and penis got frostbitten. #2 Harry calls William’s thinning hair “alarming” and “more advanced” than his. He also noted that the resemblance between his brother and their late mother had “faded.” #3 Harry reveals that he lost his virginity to an unnamed older woman who “treated [him] like a young stallion” in a field behind a “very busy pub” when he was 17.

The life of Prince Harry

#4 In 2005, when deciding between dressing as a pilot or a Nazi for a *“Native and Colonial”* party, Harry says he called William and Kate for their advice, and they encouraged him to wear the appalling uniform. #5 While on his second tour in Afghanistan in 2012, Harry says he killed 25 Taliban fighters, which he says does not bring him satisfaction, nor embarrassment. #6 Harry admits that he has taken cocaine, cannabis, and magic mushrooms, revealing that psychedelic drugs allowed him to see *“the truth.”*

Prince Harry’s physical attack by Prince William