• Lisa S.
    07/30/2018 21:04

    Stricter gun laws and you woukdnt need to make a bullet proof kiddies rug sack...

  • Sonya R.
    07/30/2018 21:09

    Crap! Money grab...

  • Keith P.
    07/30/2018 21:18

    Gun control opponents are going to keep fighting for so long that the problem is only going to get worse. When that happens, the government is just gunna start taking your guns. If you ammosexuals cannot be responsible, you're gunna lose your right to own guns.

  • Eddie A.
    07/30/2018 21:24

    Lmao wow only in murica

  • Stephanie C.
    07/30/2018 21:27

    So what's a kid supposed to do with that? Crawl inside of it???

  • Kay E.
    07/30/2018 21:29

    This is wrong wrong wrong

  • Ted M.
    07/30/2018 21:31

    Sure not less guns but bulletproof backpacks instead 🙄

  • Isaiah E.
    07/30/2018 21:36

    "On average one school shooting a week" what a joke

  • Sher K.
    07/30/2018 21:38

    What the hell!

  • Angelic G.
    07/30/2018 21:58

    sad we have strap our kids like this

  • Bernarka H.
    07/30/2018 22:00

    Capitalism at its best!

  • Marcy B.
    07/30/2018 22:03

    really?? how sad..

  • Kristi H.
    07/30/2018 22:13

    What about how 90%of them have to carry a clear one

  • Jennifer G.
    07/30/2018 22:24

    This is crazy

  • Emmanuel Z.
    07/30/2018 22:25

    white ppl: if there ain't no guns in ‘Murica how can we defend against mexican blacks conspiring to sneak isis into Nascar? #MAGA USA! 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • Pete P.
    07/30/2018 22:30

    So we are teaching Society that school shootings are normal ?

  • Taylor A.
    07/30/2018 22:36

    Fix the laws. What's a backpack gonna do??

  • Joe F.
    07/30/2018 22:37


  • Cherri M.
    07/30/2018 22:44

    Is this what America come too Wild Wild West

  • Patricia T.
    07/30/2018 23:07

    So kids are supposed to wear their backpacks all day long... Mind you it only covers their backs not their faces, arms, legs, other vital organs. Try again...