• Lisa R.
    06/16/2017 01:14

    What this gentleman does't recognize, as of yet, IF he allows Trump do dig for oil in his country, just how polluted it will be. Trump IS bad for the world, NOT just the USA!!

  • Wyatt B.
    06/15/2017 18:14

    What is the kick ass drum roll in the beginning called?

  • Brittany A.
    06/15/2017 16:08

    Also at 0:31-0:32 he's saying EU not US.

  • Brittany A.
    06/15/2017 15:46

    He should've dropped his tiny mic

  • Lauren H.
    06/15/2017 04:20


  • Aaron S.
    06/15/2017 00:52

    Why are people mad about trump.Obama didn't really give either lol

  • Cesare S.
    06/14/2017 23:45

    Ok this is just a general question. Why do people hate switching to renewable resources? Like if solar does the same as oil why would you be like no the oil companies deserve my money

  • Ayuba S.
    06/14/2017 23:40

    U r hypocrite fool

  • Amari S.
    06/14/2017 23:00

    Seen this coming. Already knew the Paris agreement wasn't going to be enforced. The same way nothing in the U.N is enforced.

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