Exclusive Interview With Juan Guaidó

"Very soon, there will be changes in Venezuela and we will be able to organize a truly free election in our country." In an exclusive interview with the President of Venezuela's National Assembly, Brut talks to Juan Guaidó about the crisis in Venezuela, where they're at now, and the future.

Talk with Guaido

There are a lot of people in the world who do not understand how a country as rich as Venezuela can drop to this level, reach this point. What is happening in Venezuela?

Venezuela is the country with the highest oil reserves in the world, which recorded one of the best GDP on the planet, and which is also in a stage of educational and social development. Today, unfortunately, the country has become a product of many years of corruption, of thefts of between $300,000 and 400,000 in public funding, and due to incompetence, implementation of a bad business model, today we have sadly regressed to a point whereby 25% of the population is living in a state of complex humanitarian emergency, and 4 million Venezuelans have emigrated. With 15% of migratory flow, this year we run the risk of surpassing even Syria in migration figures.

How can Guaido be the President when there is still a President in Miraflores, Nicolás Maduro? Maduro’s presidential term ended on January 10th, 2019. There was not a valid election in 2018 when the constitution called for it, which is why it falls to the president of the National Parliament; in this case Guaido, elected by ballot since 2015 and elected by delegates of Parliament, according to article 233 of our constitution, to be the interim President of Venezuela and to effect a free election in our country.

There are those who are saying that Nicolás Maduro is still president because he commands the Armed Forces. Maduro did not serve as a president but behaved as a dictator. His constitutional term has come to an end, and he took control of powers of the state by force. There is still a proportion of the Venezuelan population which supports Maduro. To what extent are is Guaido a valid president for them? According to the latest Datanálisis study, 90% of the population back a change and less than 10% currently endorse Nicolás Maduro Moros. Ultimately, a truly free election, which by constitution, is my mandate as President-elect, is what will determine who will govern Venezuela. But, by constitution, it is the President of Parliament, in this case Guaido, who must organize this free election.


06/14/2019 8:44 PMupdated: 06/17/2019 5:54 PM


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  • Wasim K.
    06/14/2019 22:11

    The election that happened there is a free election.. Maduro is the elected leader. This guy is claiming to be real president without even contesting elections. Jimmy Carter once said the Venuzuelan election process is one of the fairest he has seen in the world.. Sanctions is what killing Venuzuelans not Maduro...