Here's what this throuple wants you to know about polyamory

Cassie, Matt, and Dallas are all married to each other. Brut asked this throuple some of the internet's burning questions: How normal is their sex life? Do they get jealous of each other? Here's what they had to say...

05/10/2021 8:11 PMupdated: 05/10/2021 8:13 PM


  • Theresa W.
    15 hours

    There are so many countries where this is the norm, it's just sad to see vomit emojis, they are happy and certainly not hurting anyone, they all seem loving, why can't people live and let live.

  • Samantha W.
    a day

    May you all thrive in love together.

  • শারমিন স.
    a day

    I just noticed the hair under their armpits.🤗 ..Can you imagine the amount of hair they must fish out of their shower and sinks on a regular basis? Ew. okay bye.🤣😂

  • Sarah W.
    a day

    Why they low key all look the same

  • Amrita G.
    a day

    They will go to hell

  • Mitko S.
    2 days

    Infidelity from the start.

  • Natalie B.
    2 days

    they probs can't afford to live just as a couple

  • Kortne C.
    2 days

    They don’t want the man, they want his babies for the 2 of them to share lol

  • Danielle J.
    2 days

    Why arent there ever any plural marriages with one woman and countless men???? They are hippie/'60s wantabes.

  • Jennifer C.
    3 days

    Wow. This is unbelievable. Not in a good way either.

  • Lucie L.
    3 days

    Love is... love!

  • Emy S.
    3 days

    , see, we could do with a wife? 😆😂🤣

  • Katerina R.
    4 days

    Imagine having a three-income household (and no kids). That’s got to be great financially. And other practical factors, like managing when someone is sick, and keeping on top of household responsibilities such as cleaning, shopping, cooking, maintenance, etc.

  • Andy K.
    5 days

    Hi, I'm woke hipster and look at as you tag along for the wokevedventure of a lifestyle. Them with us along our search for the perfect skinny jeans as we selfie America wether you wanna hear about it or. Did we mention we're all VEGAN??????

  • Cristina U.
    5 days

    Like who cares ?

  • Brenda Q.
    5 days


  • Tina L.
    5 days

    Legally you can only be married to 1 person at a time, so on paper, who are the Legally married parties?

  • Priscilla A.
    5 days

    thought you might enjoy this

  • Pam L.
    5 days


  • Michelle C.
    6 days

    This isnt gonna last

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