• Ansari S.
    11/03/2019 15:06

    touching truth

  • Davierrin C.
    10/27/2019 09:14

    Tayshawna Rose Ling Diaz

  • James O.
    10/20/2019 08:31


  • Osman A.
    10/20/2019 03:44

    mather dhuulaki jiisi ka yiimaden deebademi la duula isataga calaamak xalaada qara ku jiray ee tuurabati ka iimaden jiisi ha la xaliiyo arala shama

  • Ginger B.
    10/19/2019 20:43

    Oh yes dear heart. It's is him chose to come back to better the world... And check in you. ❤

  • Diane R.
    10/19/2019 20:10

    This gives me shivers,it’s happening at the border.........something has to be done..........

  • Sudin M.
    10/19/2019 18:45


  • Sheila L.
    05/01/2019 13:47

    We have to listen to those who have lived and provide us with the first hand horror of this time.

  • Belle T.
    04/27/2019 02:24

    So very sorry 😢

  • Sandy A.
    04/26/2019 21:42

    Such a sad and devastating story 😞 Mommy and daddy survived to tell theirs 🙏 so heart wrenching 💔😢

  • Zahira F.
    10/31/2018 21:21

    يهودية كدابة تتمسكن

  • Muhammad A.
    10/31/2018 05:17

    Don't know what making world blind why they can't see Kashmir Palestine Burma Iraq Afghanistan Chechen Syria and so many Muslim countries are suffering from war situation... So called human rights organizations are remain cowardly silent 🔇

  • Muhammad A.
    10/31/2018 05:13

    What about Palestinians aren't they human beings don't they breath they have hearts which are beating inside Jerusalem I condemn what happened with Ruth and her family but I strongly condemned what Israeli government doing since 60 years in Palestine isn't that genocide? Isn't that brutality Israeli soldiers gang raping Muslim Palestinian girls and women they are killing children... I don't know why it makes me to think about Adolph Hitler was right Somewhere

  • Zahira F.
    10/30/2018 22:52

    Holocaust is a big lie the real one is what jews are doing in palasyain

  • Jayachandra H.
    10/30/2018 11:45

    I don't believe her.

  • Abdullah K.
    10/29/2018 16:30

    Another holocaust is happening in Palestine

  • Prem J.
    10/29/2018 15:39

    Jay ganesh

  • Marilyn C.
    10/29/2018 04:45

    I am so sorry for what they done to u I hate people like that they to me are demons I pray that Lord Jesus holds u tight an don't worry any u will be with ur family again soon I love u God bless love

  • Kimesha E.
    10/28/2018 19:59

    People should speak up on the barbaric and heinous things that are happening in the world it takes courage to do so hats off to that lady

  • Kimesha E.
    10/28/2018 19:56


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