Homophobia around the world

While acceptance towards the LGBTQ community has increased in recent years, anti-gay sentiments remain a real — and often violent — threat.

05/08/2018 7:01 PM
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  • Kevin M.
    05/09/2018 00:26

    Serves them right

  • Ricalyn C.
    05/09/2018 00:57

    treat to procreation and destruction to natural set of family and what family truly is...

  • Fahriza R.
    05/09/2018 01:28

    More animal than animal

  • Ian C.
    05/09/2018 01:55

    the reason for pink triangle

  • Randy F.
    05/09/2018 04:22

    We also are shooting unarmed Palestinians every day and raping children in India world has bigger problems than called names cause you are gay

  • Kim L.
    05/09/2018 04:47

    It is about creating more people to fight wars that these can't do.

  • Luke S.
    05/09/2018 07:42

    What 11 countries are they? I wonder...

  • Asmae K.
    05/09/2018 07:53

    Excuse moi mais on a trop parlé sur ce type . Concentrez vous sur le nécessaire

  • Ayaz M.
    05/09/2018 14:58

    There is nothing free in this world and freedom is one of them.

  • Margarito F.
    05/09/2018 16:04

    Es correcta la tolerancia como también está correcto la no aceptación de esta práctica... El derecho es el mismo.

  • Alejandro S.
    05/09/2018 17:47

    Muerte a los putos

  • Solomon K.
    05/09/2018 17:55

    The only threat are you liberals

  • Mario B.
    05/09/2018 18:27

    menos mal naciste en esta época

  • صفوت ف.
    05/09/2018 19:01

    مثليين ايه يااسود اللون دول عند يورمازر

  • Jesus L.
    05/09/2018 20:59

    Ignorance and insecurity can be the worst advisors!! 😞

  • Jesus L.
    05/09/2018 21:02

    Is just a human adaptation thanks to the other “imbeciles” reproducing like rabbits and destroying our planet!

  • Đan L.
    05/09/2018 23:38

    :v 1960 m ơi

  • Ofelia V.
    05/10/2018 00:05


  • Ruby Y.
    05/10/2018 00:46

    Why if they your own children you gonna kill them too cause you dont like your child to grow different?If you can kill your own family whom they are third sex. then no question about it. Do you have idea when give birth to your sons or daughter they will on the third sex are you going to kill your own? I wish you are gay and third sex for those who discriminate. so you will feel what parents could feel to be decriminated.

  • Frankku S.
    05/10/2018 02:06

    GOTTA LUV GESTAPO.. Thank you