How Strict Are Gun Laws Around the World?

In most countries, you can't buy a gun and groceries at the same store. Here's a look at what you have to go through to buy a firearm outside the United States.

How easy is it to buy a gun around the world?

Many citizens of the world can buy a gun in less than an hour. In some countries, the process takes months. Here are the simple steps for how most people buy a gun globally.

In the United States you can buy a gun in less than an hour by passing an instant criminal background check. In New Zealand you must pass a background check, provide character references, pass a home security inspection, take a gun safety course, wait months for approval.

In Japan, you must take a firearm class pass a written exam get a doctor’s note assuring your mental fitness apply for a training permit pass a police interview apply for a gunpowder permit pass a firing test purchase a regulation gun safe and ammunition locker pass an additional background check.

In Mexico, there is only one store to legally purchase a gun. In the United States there are over 50,000.

In Canada you must complete a gun safety course, obtain 2-character references, apply for a permit, wait 28 days, pass a background check, register your gun with the police.

In Australia you must prove that you’re actively involved in a shooting or hunting club, complete a firearm safety course, arrange regulation firearm storage, pass a background check, apply for a permit, wait at least 28 days.

In China most citizens are prohibited from keeping guns in their homes and must arrange for storage at a gun range or hunting ground.

In Germany you must join a shooting club, pass a written safety exam, arrange for regulation storage, consent to unannounced police home inspections, pass a comprehensive background check, apply for a permit.

Many countries have exceptions for specialized professions, and local laws may vary.


08/14/2019 10:28 AM


  • Sandra M.
    39 minutes

    No one can buy a gun and walk out with it in less than a hour! It takes extensive background checks and even filling out the paperwork takes a good 30 minutes then the employees need to verify all your ID and go over the application. It is then sent off to the DOJ where it takes a few hours at the bare minimum, then most states have waiting periods before you can walk out with a firearm! Stop spreading lies!! The 2nd amendment will NEVER go away!

  • David A.
    an hour

    ah yes, this reminded me to get my license sorted, thanks brut!

  • Hamilton L.
    8 hours

    In Japan you get fined for disposing of chewing gum in a public place That is policing. If guns were a "real" concern they would have been policed properly. Americans are gung-ho, "freedom of speech", freedom of rights and freedom to be an uncontrollable country. Your country is as crazy as your last President and is in need of common-sense or rather a anti-crazy vaccine🤣🤔 (Sorry for this just stating the obvious)

  • Hamilton L.
    11 hours

    The wild wild West. There is no leader in your country that has the to stand up to the real powers running your country. Even your brave orange man new his place.

  • Ed R.
    13 hours

    What's the problem?

  • Timothy C.
    14 hours

    Is this what President Trump wanted for us?

  • Steve Y.
    16 hours

    If gun control works please explain Chicago and I have not heard on how to keep guns out of criminals hands just law abiding citizens

  • Sam F.
    19 hours

    Come and take'em.

  • Koplje I.
    19 hours

    The second amendment is the biggest joke in history and needs to be written out of the constitution tenfold. 🖕🖕

  • Alexandre J.
    21 hours

    The United States, the only country to think that to solve gun violence you actually need more guns 😅

  • Gudrun J.
    a day

    Why are the reps so crazy about guns, is it because NRA supports them with Big donations

  • Gaz J.
    a day

    Sad some things really may never change in america

  • Stiv K.
    a day

    That fast? Pretty sure i waited like a month or two for my foid. Either way i think both thought processes work. Having and banning. Banning is great but black market will continue to grow. And at that point poeple will be defenseless. But allowing too much can be dangerous too yes, thing is.. its been around so long that you cant just take it away at this point. So you have to have it to defend yourself. Moving on, its not just the guns. Just bcz someone can buy doesnt mean theyll use it to kill or something or as if chances are increased. The thing in america that may increase this risk is that everyone is so soft and depressed for millions of reasons or just feels they need it for some other reason. But it comes down to a person and their life experience for example i think. Whether its a bad town with kids acting tough and needing one to survive and shoot at each other or its someone with mental issues that has the last straw because someone made fun of them... THAT is when trouble arises. I think in america we have far more people with mental health issues as well as people that act out and feel like they need a gun to stand on a corner or take out someone in a gang or just take out that person or people that made fun of them. People are far more anxious as well as depressed. Id be willing to bet that theres studies that prove this when compared to other countries. If the country did more for its people then maybe people wouldn't be like this nor would there be so many gun deaths. Think about it. Heck look at our politicians and how little they cared for covid help. They forced shutdowns, took months and went on vacations, and thru in extra cral to help other countries in the stimulus bill and we were left to dry. Trump actually had to call them out on the pathetic 600 bucks they offered to sign last year after like 6months of talk. Meanwhile i heard canada and some European countries paid people at least 1-2k per month or more to stay at home. Im not surprised we've had even more gun violence since biden went it. Noone carea and its forcing people to lose jobs forcing depression and means of surviving that people are committing more crimes. Ill end it there so i dont keep rambling on. But you get my point those that read. Country needs to set up a good foundation before trying to get a larger grip on guns or it may get worse.

  • Gaby G.
    a day

    Alawais guns seled on black market so...???

  • Iain S.
    a day

    where to start on 13th March 1996 we had the worst massacre of children in out recent history at Dunblane, Google it. as a result of public outrage we banned automatic weapons and have probably some of the strictest gun control in the world. we haven't had a mass shooting since. Fact. the US is more interested in individual selfish rights than the good of their population. as for best country in the world. we in Scotland have free education from kindergarten to university for all. free health care for all, including free drug prescription. if you are diabetic your insulin if free. employees are entitled to an average of 30 days paid holiday and a pension funded jointly by themselves and the employer. this is supplemented by the state old age pension. the US may be the best country in the world if your name is trump, Gates, or Bezos but not for the working man wake up and smell the coffee

  • Luther T.
    a day

    Dont be fooled. A lot of the so call shootings were staged in order to justify disarming you. It's in your best interest not to give up your guns.

  • Bertone C.
    a day

    Looks like gun control is out of control which I find rather scary must be the reason why this country has the highest prison population in the world

  • Diakiese N.
    a day

    Because white people make mass shooting so the gun must be banned

  • Andrew W.
    a day

    In an hour🤔I can go get one off the streets in most major democratic city’s in like 5 min !33% hike in gun violence in every major democratic city last year alone! Guns aren’t the problem it the scumbags on the streets that should be in jail or not in the country to begin with!

  • Natalie O.
    a day

    I received my license and bought a firearm online in least than 3 weeks. It is too ez to get a weapon in the USA

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