How women around the world go home at night

This is what going home at night is like for women across the globe.

07/22/2020 4:30 PM
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  • Lyan B.
    16 hours

    This is so sad. And totally relatable.

  • Alissa L.
    19 hours

    And for us here we’re like “I like 3am walks in the park. Nice and quiet”

  • Isabel C.
    20 hours

    what we were talking about yesterday

  • Danielle M.
    a day

    sad that most women go through this

  • Persona A.
    a day

    Wow going outside alone late night is dangerous. What a shocker 😑

  • Dora M.
    a day

    Makes me glad that im fat and ugly and i walk like pissed off elephant...

  • Patty W.
    a day

    I had to use several of these trucks while taking a walk in broad daylight in St Petersburg, Florida a while back.

  • Wendy S.
    2 days

    Some really good tips there, thankyou all very much.

  • KB O.
    2 days

    When Islam tried to protect women, the Western liberals called it oppression.

  • Darya N.
    2 days

    bir be

  • Maria K.
    3 days

    Εδώ στην Αθήνα, παίρνω παντα . taxi🚕 και του λέω να με περιμενει μέχρι να μπω στο σπίτι🏡. Είναι επικίνδυνα πλεον και εδώ!

  • Heloisa M.
    3 days

    And yet people insist in saying sexism and violence against women arent't real... WE ARE HARASSED ALL OVER THE WORLD

  • 한주호
    4 days

    This is something that everyone have to be aware of their surroundings, besides this is not only apply to women... everyone take safety measures to return home safely.

  • Celina K.
    4 days

    Im currently only 17 and even I take precautions like these during the day even

  • Patrick L.
    4 days

    Get a male friend to walk with you. Chivalry is not dead. Some guys may like the company. Also, unarmed martial arts training is helpful and boosts your confidence. A weapon can easily be used against you and cause serious injury.

  • Asher T.
    5 days

    It's sad that women need to resort to this.

  • Konstantinos F.
    5 days

    Meanwhile: 70% of violent crimes are against men,

  • Kerstin H.
    6 days

    Omg I am really sad now. I am so happy to live in a safe city / country, I don’t need to consider precautions. I know that attacks also happen here, but they are rare. I often walk alone at night and have never experienced any really scary situation. I only cross the street sometimes. I know, I‘m lucky. 😘 Every single person on this planet should be able to walk wherever and whenever they want without harassment.

  • Gabrielle C.
    6 days

    I literally do the same with my keys here in the U.K. 🇬🇧 always have for years and years now. Never wear AirPods if I’m walking at night and always take the road way if I can, never back streets or the quicker ways.

  • Emily E.
    6 days

    I carry a knife with me a night no matter where Im at sadly men don’t get why us women do this

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