Inside the life of an MS-13 hitman

Once you join them, the only ways out are the church or death. We met with a former member of the U.S.-founded gang MS-13, now hiding from his former associates.

07/18/2020 2:00 PM


  • Jacob C.
    a day

    Amen to the end brother God is forgiving even in our darkest moments He’s the only one we can put our trust in

  • Manny V.
    2 days

    No one cares

  • Keaton H.
    2 days

    Sorry but the reals one don't talk especially on camera

  • Joshua F.
    3 days

    Ms13 is bad but Covid19 still baddest 😂

  • Julio V.
    3 days

    Some people should stay quiet, they don't know anything. The 13 is for respect. And it started where I used to lived.

  • Bobby P.
    4 days

    It’s not called MS 13 because of the 13 seconds it’s called MS 13 because of M is the 13th letter of the alphabet...Mexican state mafia is the translation

  • James F.
    4 days

    i feel for these young guys there just wanted guidance and father figures....shame on the men who recruited them and took advantage of these kids there the real killers and reap all the benefits of standing on vulnerable kids shoulders...

  • Quinton J.
    4 days

    This whole interview seems fake. So many things said were wrong.

  • Loränzo W.
    5 days

    Then they come in Italy and work for Bartolini 😂

  • Jesse C.
    5 days

    There’s plenty of room in the grave for brave people

  • Donnie B.
    6 days

    Lol all they are is a bunch of 3rd world peasants.. the whole point of forming a gang is to creat protection in numbers to protect your “enterprise”.. i.e dealing drugs,extortion,standover etc.. but all MS13 do is run around the back streets of south,central and if they so happen to get through immigration north America chopping heads off ppl for fun... lol they make zero money and have zero organisations 😒.. they are bottom feeders.. in Australia we call theses kind of people “GRONKS”

  • Ar J.
    03/01/2021 22:52

    eto beng ms trese

  • Miguel G.
    03/01/2021 22:21

    Get them out of here.

  • Junior M.
    02/28/2021 07:31

    Pinches mamadas

  • Christian A.
    02/27/2021 19:53

    I met someone like that who was a friend of my best friend and I was wondering were he met him. The guy was like 19 he used to chop up children and people because the ms13 would threaten to kill his family his sister if he didn’t do it so he chopped up the people at this point I wouldn’t know what to do if I was him. But I wouldn’t stay there I would have left like this guy did. You just don’t know in that situation it’s easy to say you would never do it if your family is been threatened to be killed. It’s a very confusing hard thing to do. Because there’s people the ones who have no families who have nobody like that.m who really enjoy it and make a life of the gang. Then they are those who get dragged into that by been threatened to be killed and your family chopped up. It’s crazy smh

  • Nuku S.
    02/27/2021 07:07

    Rubbish boy

  • Al F.
    02/27/2021 06:36

    Trump didn't do ANYTHING about them! Just more Trump BS!

  • Johnson D.
    02/27/2021 04:10

    This guy probably somewhere in 13 pieces because of this doc

  • Omar F.
    02/27/2021 02:10

    BS Report

  • Ryal A.
    02/26/2021 19:03

    now, i have to worry the who is interview this man.

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