Interview with a hit man

His job is to kill people for money — and he has no regrets. Brut. interviewed "El chacal," a hired assassin in Mexico.

04/18/2020 2:01 PM
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  • Jie W.
    a day

    If u pause the video for a moment and look carefully.... u can see through his face lol

  • NG F.
    a day

    They found a fake hitman

  • Mary G.
    a day


  • Ebu B.
    a day


  • Ferhat S.
    2 days

    kijk deze

  • Claudio V.
    2 days


  • ChAd S.
    2 days

    He was trained to follow orders since he was 15. I can understand why he doesn't feel regret.

  • Jah B.
    2 days

    Gladlife Belbider

  • Anthony C.
    2 days

    Hdp a punta de verga me reviento con ese culero

  • Jonas D.
    2 days

    en utländsk bödel

  • Gerrard B.
    2 days

    "La Quica" 😏

  • Ady A.
    3 days

    I dont want to start a fight but.... I see thats the problem with christianity I mean i do believe God will forgive your sins but that doesnt mean you can do anything you want and simply repent like its another day But then kept doing the sins while knowing you will be forgiven Wrong ideology gave birth to this kind of madness we seeing

  • Dione S.
    3 days

    One H-64 Apache is what him needs 👌

  • Rayen A.
    3 days

    haw mercenaire

  • Felix C.
    3 days

    haben paar Ecken weiter die Trikots gekauft

  • Anvi D.
    3 days

    I found you the conversation you wanted to have😂

  • Aman G.
    4 days

    After the interview he hot arrested ✌️

  • Saptarshi G.
    4 days


  • Kim B.
    4 days

    Awa hon ka ngilo

  • David S.
    4 days

    He paid the price in hell, because of taking lives which he did not created.