• Sandipan M.
    5 hours

    what about this startup 🌚

  • Jaikumar Y.
    15 hours

    America is drug lord to whole world

  • Brandon D.
    17 hours

    Haha! When are you going to show the United States military looting the Middle East of poppi for the real drug lord big pharma companies?

  • Rob B.
    20 hours

    if you have a spare half hour watch this

  • Peña D.
    a day

    Extremely poor and he has those big guns... Yeah, OK.

  • Matthew L.
    2 days

    wake full

  • Western W.
    2 days


  • Che M.
    2 days

    buat la

  • Melissa H.
    3 days

    These mfs need to be in prison or dead that God dam drug killed my brother last year

  • Abel C.
    5 days

    good honest work

  • Reden A.
    5 days

    bcn kursunada mo mag chemist

  • عنايت ا.
    5 days

    Not surprised why the opium business boomed once again in Afghanistan after the US invasion. Afghanistan's opium production was 0 before the US invasion the taliban had banned and eliminated this menace from Afghanistan.

  • Derk D.
    6 days

    The mena connection

  • Suraj R.
    6 days

    thug life

  • Sanam G.
    10/19/2020 14:17

    Why government don't give good education about cash croups except puppy flower farm

  • Stephen J.
    10/18/2020 19:06

    i no the farmers need money but y be a part of the drug world , cant even say there greedy they work for penes , grow food cant go wrong .

  • Gogou H.
    10/18/2020 03:06

    we can make lot of money

  • Gogou H.
    10/18/2020 03:05

    someone with experience in making heroin needed pliz inbox me, we are cultivating in huge amount but unable to make or process the final product it would be very profitable who can make this happen. you can research all the hill area of manipur india. is full of poppy plant. inbox me

  • ͍̬͓͚̈́͐͒͆͋͜͠͡O͚͓̬͍͍̬͋͆͒͐̈́̈́͐͒͆͋͜͡͠͠͡g͚͓̬͍͋͆͒͐̈́̈́͐͒͆͜͡͠k͚͓̬͍͍̬͓͚͋͆͒͐̈́̈́͐͒͆͋͜͜͡͠͠͡ ͍.
    10/16/2020 02:19

    it is not dangerous, i live here i am here i am from guerrero

  • Gary W.
    10/12/2020 23:33

    I believe in American exceptionalism. You want to cripple the cartels, allow American farmers to grow and produce the best opium in the world. It's worked with wine, bourbon and Marijuana. As for the addiction problem, treat it as a health-care issue like the Portuguese and massively educate people of the dangers. Either way, it's always going to be with us. Just ask the Chinese and Iranians who are suffering through their own addiction crisis.

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