• Brenton M.
    3 days

    The American economy sends money 💰 to the already wealthy man and lends its war machine to national supplier's of arms and redevelopment continues in countries that don't belong to the EU both England and France have done likewise..these countries along with the Dutch are known slave traders in history...and employ?

  • Jose O.
    4 days

    ? That’s real Mexicans! When can we!!

  • Tei M.
    4 days

    N. B

  • Rodrigo D.
    5 days

    ^Demi Lovato has now joined the chat

  • Darlene N.
    5 days

    You killed my nephew I hold you responsible I will not forget but you did you did it with your drugs it took out a lot of American Kids lot of families you are not happy and never will be therefore we will not forget where year Fentanyl and your opioids came from got it God help you all for what you have done to the children

  • KrayzieBing K.
    04/02/2021 00:26


  • Damian Z.
    04/01/2021 15:24

    new plug

  • Dakota K.
    04/01/2021 15:12

    People can sell anything in this world, people can knit and make clothes if they really were trying to just survive, there’s a job for everybody everywhere you go, people are just lazy and go to the sleaziest and easiest work, due to lack of education and self moral.

  • Jamie S.
    03/31/2021 13:09


  • Shiva P.
    03/31/2021 13:03

    Wt if military attacks , without govt support it cannot be run

  • Nico T.
    03/31/2021 06:16

    Eto sagot sa tanong mo kung bakit madami mexican tumatawid ng boarder pa usa

  • Fermin G.
    03/29/2021 21:06

    It's not that simple you need to blame the systems that penalty impose on peasants who before all this had farms vegetables to sell....the government told them you need to sell all your produce pennie 1 penny a pound or give it to us for free....they only have certain family's in the government that can sell....no one el.There un so much corruption it will never change until there's justice from the poor.

  • Brad R.
    03/29/2021 12:34

    We all do what we have to do to survive

  • Jerame C.
    03/29/2021 09:35


  • Bruce B.
    03/29/2021 04:54

    Heroin sells for $60- $100 a gram in the US. in case you were wondering.

  • Minerva G.
    03/29/2021 04:28

    Growing up these flowers covered my grandparents yard- 😧

  • Noel D.
    03/28/2021 22:29

    Injecting or ingesting anything with hydrochloric acid in the recipe is foolhardy.

  • Osier H.
    03/28/2021 20:42

    La culpa no la tienen los que producen las drogas,sino los estúpidos enfermos que las usan y consumen, por eso se mueren y tienen una vida miserable! Vaya ignorancia que conduce solo a caos y muerte!

  • Jason G.
    03/28/2021 18:55

    Why would your dream be to move to the United states when you just harvest drug's that could kill half the population of the United states.

  • Hans W.
    03/28/2021 17:33

    Jansen Noord-Holland

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