It's Now Deadly to Be A Journalist in the U.S.

Reporters Without Borders have been safeguarding the press since 1985. They never imagined protecting them in the United States — which for the first time made the list of most dangerous countries for journalists.

04/18/2019 10:22 AMupdated: 06/11/2019 9:16 PM


  • Tim L.
    05/01/2019 03:40

    If they would stop lying to everybody. Things would be better

  • Jeff H.
    05/01/2019 01:41

    Does anyone remember what happened to John Rosen and his family?

  • Steven P.
    05/01/2019 01:23

    Not his Problem. Nothing but LIARS anyway. FAKE NEWS. LIES BY OMMITION.

  • Charles B.
    05/01/2019 01:10

    Can you back the statements up.

  • James R.
    05/01/2019 00:54

    Trump has nothing to do with your lying to the people

  • Joe F.
    04/30/2019 23:31

    The press need to be legally liable for their role in assaults and murders that are created by them standing on their soapboxes and defaming any conservative they see as a threat to their leftist agenda. Media is no longer factual, CNN, MSNBC and many other left leaning media outlets are the modern day but worse.

  • Frank B.
    04/30/2019 22:59

    Start reporting the truth. You call yourselves " Journalists" then start behaving like one. When you report with your feelings then you become a bias source of fake news.

  • Pete D.
    04/30/2019 21:52

    Is that a guy?

  • Michael L.
    04/30/2019 21:42

    Only 4 journalists were killed in US in 2018 by jarrod Ramos that has no links to trump or republicans just a hatred of that one newspaper. None were killed in US in 2017 and none in 2016. So you are feeding tons of “fake news”

  • Jack N.
    04/30/2019 21:25

    Stop investigating Hilary and they’ll have a lot more living.

  • John E.
    04/30/2019 19:15

    Journalists yes. Fake news no! I agree with him!

  • Larry B.
    04/30/2019 18:57

    Tell the truth not fake New

  • Bill S.
    04/30/2019 18:31

    So journalists killed in other parts of the world is trump's fault? What is he suppose to do, provide 24 hour armed military escorts?

  • Rj I.
    04/30/2019 18:25

    Oh shut up.we have brought up a generation of cry babies.just do your job like the rest of us do.stop blaming ppl for your short

  • Jim B.
    04/30/2019 16:55

    if the Government told you you couldn't go you would have a fit and call him what?

  • Diane K.
    04/30/2019 16:32

    If u reported the truth and not u'r liberal ideologies it would be different We all have freedom of speech... I get that but liberals are all crybabies and can't handle the truth.. So I offend alot of liberals...

  • Delaina D.
    04/30/2019 16:16

    Well maybe journalists should be more careful of they’re surroundings. How is this the presidents fault if they put themselves In that predicament?

  • Jackie W.
    04/30/2019 15:56

    All’s they have to do is quit lying and tell the truth.

  • Mike S.
    04/30/2019 15:32

    The press are the ones that made this mess. Let them lay in it.

  • Jim J.
    04/30/2019 14:22

    Everyone blames trump for everything

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