J. Trudeau on feminism

“Men have an essential role to play in feminism.” Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a message for men: join the feminist fight! 💪

09/12/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Jeff R.
    09/12/2017 18:42

    If you are truly for equality and humanism you must therefore be a feminist. In the same way that if you are against slavery, you must be against slavery for all races not just blacks.

  • Devan H.
    09/12/2017 18:52

    egalitarian, not a feminist.

  • Genaro G.
    09/12/2017 18:53


  • Adam D.
    09/12/2017 18:59

    The ultimate white knight ladies and gentlemen.

  • Rebecca N.
    09/12/2017 19:07

    Tamiana Lankford-Bravo our boy Justin strikes again

  • Lydia C.
    09/12/2017 19:15

    I think im in love

  • Max E.
    09/12/2017 20:02

    But feminists fight for more female rights, not equal rights

  • Eddie J.
    09/12/2017 20:03

    Equalist thx

  • Sophia J.
    09/12/2017 20:24

    bro better get hopping on all those Missing and Murdered Indigenous women of Canada....................

  • Michael S.
    09/12/2017 20:31

    Trudeau has a vagina.

  • Oscar R.
    09/12/2017 20:36

    Which one? In America we have two: of course you have the Femenist and then there are the FemeNAZIS.

  • Adav Z.
    09/12/2017 21:15

    This guy

  • Luis E.
    09/12/2017 21:17

    Lol what a cuck

  • Anthony J.
    09/12/2017 21:38

    I want equal rights for both genders therefore I'm not a feminist.

  • Tyler B.
    09/12/2017 21:43


  • Alexandria G.
    09/12/2017 21:45

    Wise words !! 👍

  • Julie R.
    09/12/2017 22:04

    how did Canada get so lucky and we got stuck with 45???

  • Nicholas S.
    09/12/2017 22:17

    Why would women fight for equal rights when they could fight to be the dominant sex? Shows what they know.

  • Pulkit S.
    09/12/2017 22:26

    Sure, that's all fine and dandy but what about those pipelines? Make no mistake folks Trudeau is a center right neoliberal continuing Canada's proud tradition of stomping over the rights of natives and devastating the environment for greed and a disregard of native peoples. He's just like trump when it comes to Native American rights and the environment. He's no friend of the left.

  • Mugwump J.
    09/12/2017 22:28

    "It's high time we started male foeticide and give birth to only daughters so that there won't be any rapists and sexists and eve teasers in this country. And make men to preserve their sperms, we don't need men in this country." ~ Komal Saroj Maini #ExposingFeminism