Jane Fonda's Fight for Peace and Women's Rights

"I am not a do-gooder. I am a revolutionary. A revolutionary woman." Long before Jane Fonda became known for being a fitness guru, she was socially conscious. This is her story. #WomensHistoryMonth

03/17/2019 12:58 PMupdated: 08/07/2020 1:29 PM


  • Cheryl D.
    03/31/2019 16:27

    People need to check their facts. Keep spreading lies that just aren’t true 🤬

  • Eva R.
    03/29/2019 18:49

    Traitor Jane the scumbag.

  • Mazie L.
    03/28/2019 22:32

    Never forget what she did . Makes me sick what she did to our soldiers .

  • Sabrina C.
    03/26/2019 21:00

    What she did can not be forgiven

  • Shannon R.
    03/24/2019 01:17


  • Shannon R.
    03/24/2019 01:16


  • Richard M.
    03/18/2019 16:34

    Traitor. She needs her passport revoked.

  • Brad J.
    03/18/2019 12:33

    She should shut her pie hole and just stick with playing pretend

  • Katheryn W.
    03/18/2019 08:03

    Traitor to your country, traitor to those that protected you , traitor to POWs ............ When will you realise your just a traitor and you need to at least , the very least own up and apologize

  • Tess E.
    03/18/2019 06:29


  • Eric S.
    03/17/2019 17:22

    Yeah we Vietnam Vets will always be thinking of you

  • RikEl S.
    03/17/2019 16:43

    I guess my comments get taken out because the last one I put one here is gone. Must be a procommunist site. Anyone who has family members that served in the US military especially in Vietnam don't want anything to do with her. I don't watch any of her stuff.

  • Beth G.
    03/17/2019 16:08

    You forgot... traitor

  • Arlene H.
    03/17/2019 16:02

    And I also remember her dad, Henry Fonda.

  • Gina P.
    03/17/2019 16:00

    She has had a good life but got a lot wrong. It's life.

  • Miles M.
    03/17/2019 15:02

    She is before my time but i know she betrayed the pilots who were shot down in Vietnam and imprisoned at Hanoi hilton i wonder how she lives with herself

  • Jean E.
    03/17/2019 14:57

    I admire this woman

  • Justin V.
    03/17/2019 14:39

    This women makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Cheryl T.
    03/17/2019 14:26

    She’s fabulous

  • Stacy A.
    03/17/2019 14:20

    She's an idiot! 😂

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