Kim Jung Un always looks so happy

Whether he's visiting farms or seeing a pile of dead fish, North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un always looks like the happiest man on the planet.

08/16/2018 9:01 PM


  • Esher L.
    01/02/2021 14:14

    Not good

  • Stephen M.
    09/15/2020 16:25

    Kim loves little boys

  • Waqas A.
    08/29/2020 12:44

    Love you

  • Marie C.
    04/21/2020 18:55

    Isn't that special...the two make a good pair, they're both pshyco!

  • Roger R.
    11/12/2019 21:39

    Id say they have a good laugh together l think in real life he is very funny likable person.

  • Yonka P.
    09/15/2018 23:46

    Que Asco

  • Yonka P.
    09/15/2018 23:46

    Que cosa tan asquerosa

  • Andrew K.
    09/14/2018 15:14

    He is perfectly happy with all things except concurrency.

  • Arthur K.
    08/30/2018 11:15

    well he has lived this long before one of his generals kill him

  • Xntyl P.
    08/30/2018 07:37

    So what the hell wrong with that??cheap admin

  • أحمد ا.
    08/30/2018 01:12

    برايي المتواضع انه يبتسم لانه يرى بلاده ناجحه ومتطورة في كل المجالات ...لقد فرض رايه بقوة صحيح لكنه اخذ بيد بلاده الى التطور والتقدم واجبر بلدان عظمى ان تحسب لبلده الف حساب ...هنيئا لهم هذا الرئيس الفذ .

  • Mohsin R.
    08/29/2018 21:54

    He is much nicer than Trump

  • Gaia V.
    08/29/2018 20:10

    North Korean people live in starvation. That's a lie!

  • Shahab A.
    08/29/2018 06:43


  • Camden D.
    08/28/2018 22:53

    If I had my own country to control, I’d be smiling too.

  • Della D.
    08/28/2018 17:04

    Low IQ??

  • Daw T.
    08/28/2018 07:29

    Lovely guy.

  • Ibrahim M.
    08/27/2018 14:21

    Who lied to you that he's a dictator? His people are happy case close

  • James P.
    08/27/2018 05:55

    He looks like the fat majinboo.

  • Aźįź A.
    08/26/2018 22:06

    وجه وجه هشام موو صوفي قمر 😂

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