Leading Brazilian Presidential Candidate Stabbed

"Under god's orders" a man stabbed and wounded the leading candidate in the Brazilian presidential race.

09/07/2018 11:01 PM
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  • Michael J.
    09/07/2018 23:05

    Any kind of belief in whatever god you choose is nothing more than a mental illness.

  • Adebanjo E.
    09/07/2018 23:22

    Is it possible for a person to enter into the midst of those who love Bolsonaro and stabbed Bolsonaro, without the aggressor at least being killed or at least be punched at the face several times? I doubt some certain things. I normally analysis all things. This is for those who love to ponder things like I normally do.

  • Michael G.
    09/07/2018 23:31

    Most evidences point that it was fake and staged.

  • Filipe A.
    09/08/2018 00:36

    Fascist that probably faked it

  • Fabio R.
    09/08/2018 00:57

    Probably fake, he is homophobic, racist and fight against women's rights. We're doomed :/

  • Linda G.
    09/08/2018 02:58

    Holy the world is full of these idiots it seems!

  • Agb S.
    09/08/2018 02:59

    Religion can make a good persin do vad thingz

  • Ashfaq S.
    09/08/2018 03:33

    It was a kitchen knife and no blood shed. looks pretty fake and staged just our Indian TV dramas.

  • Dave J.
    09/08/2018 07:20

    I wouldn't be surprised if the stabbing wasn't planned by himself. Now he's a living martyr whom has suffered for his cause and country.. Brazilians love that shit and this may have just one him the presidency! 🤬

  • Quinlan R.
    09/08/2018 08:14

    Everybody say it's fake just because he has far right thoughts.

  • Nathan A.
    09/08/2018 09:45

    Stop preaching hate and you won’t get stabbed

  • Danish M.
    09/08/2018 11:23

    its fake

  • Carolina U.
    09/09/2018 21:08

    Por qué no se ve sangre en ningún momento? A qué se debe este fenómeno?

  • Eduard T.
    09/11/2018 02:40

    Q bruto bien mira como está este mundo, y ni un chaleco de carton se pone, la gente x amor al dolar son millones las q hán matado.

  • পদ্মা ন.
    09/11/2018 12:06

  • Irshad A.
    09/13/2018 09:16

    No risk no gain, every good thing must b followed.