Lebanon: protestors demand government step down

In the wake of the deadly blast in Beirut that killed 160 people, thousands of protesters took to the streets to demand the government resign.

08/10/2020 12:53 PM


  • Akrm M.
    05/01/2021 10:57

    I thought they spoke Arabic in Lebanon

  • Jonathan B.
    08/15/2020 09:49


  • Ran G.
    08/12/2020 17:38

    They’re destroying their own country sad

  • Nubia M.
    08/12/2020 15:00

    I m sure Everywhere in the World are Beautiful and Ugly People! I Wish they be fair to each other and be Peaceful !

  • Grace H.
    08/12/2020 13:11

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  • Kardos K.
    08/12/2020 07:57


  • Shaun S.
    08/11/2020 19:03

    So sad that you have to think about leaving your birth place to feed yourself and have a better life in a country that wasn't at war

  • هایده ا.
    08/11/2020 13:30


  • Chirine H.
    08/11/2020 11:08

    lek min bro

  • Fabien P.
    08/11/2020 11:05

    Stay strong and stand for your rights.

  • Catherine C.
    08/11/2020 10:06

    Lebanese speak both Arabic and French. Was a French Protectorate for many years. Spent time there many years ago. Such a shame.

  • Omid N.
    08/11/2020 09:32

    Another Afghanistan !!! Revolution will bring soon civil war.

  • David O.
    08/11/2020 09:14

    Labenese are French speaking nation or?

  • Ryan S.
    08/11/2020 07:19

    Making things better by having a riot n wrecking the place 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Nancy C.
    08/11/2020 06:02

    Calm down

  • Yasin K.
    08/11/2020 04:05

    Work In progress...Greater Israel project.

  • Manuel M.
    08/11/2020 03:23

    Sad sad sad 😢

  • Naz K.
    08/11/2020 02:25

    Falling for the famous trap !!! Plan is working the agents are doing their job!

  • Archa
    08/11/2020 01:32

    Its abaut resuraction damascus... EZEKIEL WAR

  • Muhamad A.
    08/11/2020 01:18

    so the problem solved?

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