Meet AMLO — the New President of Mexico

He won Mexico's presidential election by a landslide. Now, Andrés Manuel López Obrador is set to start an era where Mexican citizens will take front seat on government decisions.

An overwhelming majority of citizens has decided to begin the fourth transformation of Mexico's public life. Mexico has a new president. Andrés Manuel also known as AMLO, is a populist promising to change the country's political establishment. He won the general election in July 2018 S SOLO in July 2018TAS SOLO ND ESTÁS SOLO with 53% of the vote. This was his third run for the presidency. a legitimate ambition to be remembered as a good president for Mexico. His 2018 campaign Mexican politics ena disrupted za de mex Mexican politics with a new left-wing party called Morena. They empowered marginalized communities Mexico. Torena It will be a government for the people and by the people. Born in 1953, AMLO grew up Tabasco, Mexico. in the state of DEL DISTR - He's the first-born son of shop owners EL DISTR and has 7 siblings. AMLO majored in political science at the National Autonomous University (UNAM) and began his political career as a state leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. He served as mayor of Mexico City from 2000 to 2005. After losing his first presidential bid in 2006, AMLO contested the results, claiming election fraud. ÓPEZ OB de to We are going to the Federal Electoral Tribunal ez Obra ez Obrad with the same demand – rés Manu ez Obrado for the votes to be counted. Millions of supporters protested in Mexico City's Zócalo for months. We will not accept the democratic backslide. AMLO now pledges to fight government corruption, increase the size of the military, and eradicate poverty. He also promised to hold unprecedented referendums – vote on major government decisions. getting citizens to He held the first in October 2018. the construction of Mexico City's controversial $13 billion airport was halted. Starting on December 1st, AMLO takes office for a six-year term. mo Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Long live Mexico!

11/29/2018 8:01 PM
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  • Lizbeth N.
    11/29/2018 21:49

    Y el caos comenzará ☹️

  • Ramiro Y.
    11/29/2018 22:36

    Example: Do you want to live better? Yes No Do you like financial incentives? Yes No Are you going to back up our X initiative to give you a better life and more money? Yes No (X being a personal project of the new president or his cronies). That’s how it’s been, so, meh.

  • Elena S.
    11/29/2018 23:19

    Same profile as caddet bone spurs... childish, thin skined, surrounds himself with yes people, can't handle the press tought questions, his family are also no working leaches, a lot of us doubt his state of mind, he also shouts fake news at his convenience, etc etc.

  • Aparicio R.
    11/29/2018 23:29


  • Sofia E.
    11/29/2018 23:34

    Donald Trump región 4

  • Juventino F.
    11/30/2018 00:00

    Una Dictadura inicia.

  • Eleazar R.
    11/30/2018 00:30

    Wow haters poppin like crazy including in this page, es un honor estar con Obrador

  • Jose C.
    11/30/2018 00:53

    Get ready cause you’re gonna read a lot of rich-stupid-people’s comments. They’re feeling bad cause corruption won’t make them earn more money. Thanks to AMLO everything is going to be better now.

  • Brut
    11/30/2018 00:58

    Find out more about Mexico's most recent general election.

  • Juventino F.
    11/30/2018 01:33

    Tras la cancelación del #NAIM por una consulta cuestionada en medios y redes sociales, fondos de inversiones especializados en economías emergentes (entre ellas, la suiza GAM) deciden retirarse de México temiendo inseguridad jurídica. Las inversiones terminaron en otras economías como #China o India, pero más notablemente en Brasil. (The Wall Street Journal, noviembre 25) Se estima que al momento, la pérdida suma unos 113 millones de dólares en el flujos de inversiones en tan solo 3 meses y sin que aún tomé posesión la próxima administración. (El Financiero, noviembre 23) Finalmente, existe la posibilidad de devaluaciones aún más fuertes en el peso, ya que si bien actualmente el #MXN es la segunda divisa más comerciada en mercados emergentes después del #Yuan chino (#CNY), esto se debe precisamente a inversionistas extranjeros, que mantienen 100 mil millones de bonos en pesos. (The Wall Street Journal, noviembre 25)

  • Lobo E.
    11/30/2018 02:57

    Viva Obrador hijos de su perra madre!

  • Guillermo L.
    11/30/2018 03:04

    Hay comentarios muy ofensivos en lo general hablando familiarmente, sin ningún partido que quede claro. No nos merecemos esas expresiones nadie.

  • Andres C.
    11/30/2018 07:42

    Viva mexico y viva amlo y viva maduro y fidel comunismo unido contra usa! Viva el socialismo.

  • James P.
    11/30/2018 11:19

    Build a wall on your southern border. It’s fashionable.

  • Aída M.
    11/30/2018 12:16

    Andrés Manuel fue un honor votar por ti 💚❤

  • Salva C.
    11/30/2018 13:13

    Finally someone who deserves the title of Mexican President! 🏆👏🏼

  • Angel G.
    11/30/2018 14:52

    Todos esperamos que así sea AMLO, no hagas lo mismo que los demás😩

  • Jerome J.
    11/30/2018 15:56

    Another Trump in Mexico?

  • Jorge R.
    11/30/2018 19:58

    Mayoría importante?

  • Vico F.
    11/30/2018 20:08

    The end of democracy as we know it.