• Rajin C.
    02/11/2019 03:24


  • Chandan Z.
    05/23/2018 02:51

    to the admin of the post We muslims are very happy in our country. its not only mother but holy land for us. yeh nafrat kahi aur falao. I love my India.

  • Chandan Z.
    05/23/2018 02:49

    dont share these msg. social media ko nafrat failane ka saadhan mat banao

  • William M.
    08/09/2017 12:48

    Muslim, Hindu or Christian: religion engenders violence.

  • Skalomgir S.
    08/09/2017 10:20

    Atai amadar das

  • Shayraa S.
    07/31/2017 03:48

    Jung ka elaan kardoo hind may..kisi ka intazar na karo..yeh banegaa ek hindu raastr.. phir qiyaa korogy mulla musalmanno.

  • محمدفاروق ک.
    07/27/2017 08:27

    sub madhar chooud Tamara gov Mata ke choout Mara ga our thmarray bhana chooudiou he bajaring dall wala r ss ke be sub sala khouti

  • Shayraa S.
    07/27/2017 00:47

    U r muslims stop trying to be hindus at every turn..Ulama e hind shld gt up remember angrez ki mazi yaad karoo...ul b hanged burned slaughtered like before. Wake up before u neva do.

  • Shayraa S.
    07/27/2017 00:44

    Bloody hypocrite piss heads biggest exporter of beef. No muslims cows are made by god to be eaten. Its on ur blood dammit.

  • Shayraa S.
    07/27/2017 00:42

    Muslims u better gt off ur back sides and defend ur own..wtf..no one will send relief like khanpur ever againn.. u must mobilise an counter diz zalim darendey.. u gt no bloody choice an why da hell are da mullahs sleeping yet..kurdoo elaaan aur dekadoo kis nabi ki ummat ho... Wt u waytyn for.

  • Shahid A.
    07/24/2017 14:49

    Disgusting filty India mob large vigilantes killing innocent civilians orchestrate by the police

  • Benjo B.
    07/23/2017 22:08

    Wake up muslims!! Its time to fight! Jihad fisibillah!

  • Wynette R.
    07/19/2017 14:02

    Fucking Muslims

  • William C.
    07/15/2017 10:24

    Only northern india worships the cow, not the whole country

  • Jeff R.
    07/13/2017 12:49

    Ignorance, superstition and violence. India is gaining more and more power and will be a dangerous obstacle to peace in the near future.

  • Arun S.
    07/11/2017 15:48

    Don't say that Muslims are being killed. They are neither Hindus or Muslims but Indians who are being killed. When hindus are murdered by jihadis do you say "Hindus got killed".

  • Feffo S.
    07/11/2017 14:47

    Et les cuirs made in India bande d enculés qui violent les femmes sans être punis

  • Sanjay P.
    07/11/2017 08:01

    Agenda clear hai

  • সম্পদ আ.
    07/10/2017 12:30

    Muslims of India are all brothers and sisters of Hindus ....they are all converted by force jizya tax law...accept the fact reality...respect Hinduism...automatically all problems will be solved...no Muslims in India are obsessed with eating on cow ...only few ....

  • Jane B.
    07/10/2017 11:29

    Such evil in educated times. Who thinks this way...really who?? I wonder if this is inflammatory Brut.

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