NATO is Trump's playground

Everybody had someone like Trump in their playground... But not everybody's playground was a NATO summit 🤔

05/26/2017 1:51 PM
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  • Hector J.
    05/26/2017 14:59

    I like the French president lol he didn't back down from the handshake from hell

  • Nick G.
    05/26/2017 15:33

    let me know when you finally are fed up with your bitch made President making the country look like shit for his childish actions towards leaders from around the world. Y'all can't admit anything that this jackass does and y'all look like clowns right along with him. Like I always say, trump puts his own self in a negative spotlight and y'all wonder why the media captures it. Clearly the dumbass has not learned by now, that the whole damn world is watching.

  • Denise G.
    05/26/2017 15:51

    Embarrassing 😶 smh.

  • Fiona M.
    05/26/2017 16:02

    Yes but not one person is pulling on it. He is rude and unprofessional but they let him get away with it and he knows it

  • Katie O.
    05/26/2017 16:04

    Ugh! He has no respect and such a gigantic ego.

  • Sol R.
    05/26/2017 16:06

    esta bien pendejo ...

  • Jeremy D.
    05/26/2017 16:34

    Trump is that kid we all went to school with who did shithead things. The teachers would just tell you to ignore him, but the other slightly less shitheaded kids would egg him on so he'd keep going and going and going... I don't have a solution to this problem and it is irritating watching him represent the country I fought for and making a mockery of our values.

  • Joseph M.
    05/26/2017 16:36

    The left: "Fox News is so stupid for complaining about Obama chewing gum in a meeting" Also the left: "LOOk aT thIs HANdsHAkE!!11!1"

  • Amina L.
    05/26/2017 16:39

    Who the F... I need to contact to impeach that ....!!!!!!!!

  • Raj S.
    05/26/2017 16:42


  • Glen W.
    05/26/2017 16:47

    Alex Barger

  • Tom M.
    05/26/2017 17:02

    Asshole wherever he is

  • David L.
    05/26/2017 17:04

    Omg this is so embarrassing to watch, how is this our president😓

  • Kevin H.
    05/26/2017 17:07

    Lmao! Dummie

  • Josue R.
    05/26/2017 17:09

    How Did He Make Is As President 😂

  • Nikki J.
    05/26/2017 17:11

    What a ass!! I'm so embarrassed when will it stop

  • Jerid S.
    05/26/2017 17:12

    Clown ass president

  • Mike H.
    05/26/2017 17:12

    What exactly is wrong with our president asserting American dominance. If the Euros dont want to get bullied, then they can start contributing more to NATO.

  • Cesar H.
    05/26/2017 17:13

    The first too things were more like a casual joke tbh

  • Mark E.
    05/26/2017 17:20

    What a creep