NATO is Trump's playground

Everybody had someone like Trump in their playground... But not everybody's playground was a NATO summit đŸ€”

05/26/2017 1:51 PM


  • Being S.
    05/30/2017 02:46

    Just down right disrespectful. Such as asshole and poor representation of our country. Cannot wait until he is out of office

  • Harriette W.
    05/29/2017 22:27

    What's that word Humpty likes to use. " Loser".

  • Regina L.
    05/28/2017 17:25


  • Enrique R.
    05/28/2017 15:55

    What a jackass 😣😣

  • Adam C.
    05/28/2017 04:56

    What a biased bullshit video to produce, cherry pickers and liberals..seems like modern day media is run by a bunch of teenagers trying to get youtube famous.

  • Brandt B.
    05/28/2017 04:50

    I fucking love Trump! đŸ‡ș🇾

  • Lamar T.
    05/28/2017 04:22

    About time the USA stood to the Europeans. They have been getting a nearly free ride on our backs.

  • Kelly M.
    05/28/2017 04:19

    French president is laughing 😂😂😂😂

  • Jennifer C.
    05/28/2017 04:15

    Why should other countries have to pay for the problems the US has started? Don't forget your role in all these things. Please, your president is an idiot and a complete embarrassment. America trained 90% of those extremist asshats , all for the mighty dollar. Shut up and do your research.

  • Evan B.
    05/28/2017 04:10

    The handsake you see trump open his hand to get out of it the minister was actually holding his hand

  • MD H.
    05/28/2017 03:41

    Our technology became so real.

  • Jackie T.
    05/28/2017 03:23

    He need to use two hands to equal one grown man hand... Lmao

  • Luz S.
    05/28/2017 02:06

    he's an ads he swear people wants to see him but BEIN him all can say sniper aim blow the tooopppppppeeeeeer yes

  • Laurence R.
    05/28/2017 01:52

    I don't know why but I think m komanse renmen Trump wi.He makes me laugh. every time I see a video of him it's something funny

  • Jennie A.
    05/28/2017 01:09


  • Stanley P.
    05/28/2017 00:41

    People talk about how he is so right but not if but when the other Countries stop working with us on intelligence or sending troops ahead of ours all because Captain Kangeroo is spitting on the Microphone we will be Fxkd! Putting more of our Troops at risk! Quiet as kept if his wife doesnt want to hold his P grabbin hand neither would i! He Looks like he doesnt wash em after using the rest room!

  • Stanley P.
    05/28/2017 00:34

    I think he should be commited also oh my bad you said commended never mind.

  • Stanley P.
    05/28/2017 00:33

    Why cant that statue smash em like a bug

  • Johnson J.
    05/28/2017 00:32

    Boy all i can do is a 😂

  • Missy A.
    05/28/2017 00:03

    Jamila Brantley this guy!

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