Neighbors save two children who jumped from burning building

"I wasn't thinking about injuries, I was thinking about the children." After two children jumped out of a building in flames, neighbors saved them by catching them in their arms. Walid is one of them, and told us what happened.

07/23/2020 8:07 PM


  • Linora M.
    01/25/2021 07:05

    Wow!!..GOD bless you all thank you you all for save those two kids lives 🙌🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻well done! Much respect !

  • Verena K.
    08/26/2020 00:30


  • Brian R.
    08/25/2020 20:47


  • Annette J.
    08/25/2020 07:35

    Praise God! For being in the mist!💝🙏🙏🙏

  • Michael A.
    08/25/2020 07:16

    U guys r awesome

  • Barb R.
    08/25/2020 06:22

    OMG! This is wonderful!

  • Garrett B.
    08/25/2020 06:00

    God bless you all

  • Amanda K.
    08/25/2020 05:28

    True heros. Each and every one of them.

  • Michelle H.
    08/25/2020 04:52


  • Jeremy C.
    08/25/2020 04:27

    True heroes 😇

  • La'shun D.
    08/25/2020 04:22

    We all need to be on that level all the time God is good

  • Christina C.
    08/25/2020 03:30

    Thank god for all of those people 🙏🏼. Amazing job.

  • Michelle A.
    08/25/2020 03:24

    God bless, but where is the person that was dropping them from the window? Did they perish in the fire or survive, or jump to safety?

  • Todd D.
    08/25/2020 03:12


  • Shannon M.
    08/25/2020 03:11


  • Senior T.
    08/25/2020 03:09

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  • Shaun H.
    08/25/2020 02:55


  • Whobee S.
    08/25/2020 02:15

    Thank you for helping and putting yourself in danger. Children are our future.

  • Rogers D.
    08/25/2020 01:38


  • Katelyn D.
    08/25/2020 01:05

    Brb crying

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