New Gun Control Measures Around the World

For these countries it only took one mass shooting to enact real common sense gun reform — but not the United States.

03/20/2019 10:21 AMupdated: 06/17/2019 9:15 PM
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  • Nicholas G.
    08/09/2019 22:34

    First if it's mandatory it's not a buyback, it's a 'compensated confiscation' Second, the gun reform laws on Australia did not change the amount of gun murders, the rate stayed on it's projected decline and was not swayed by their removal. The laws went so far as to make paintball markers a restricted firearm. That means you need a higher level of license to own a paintball marker than a rifle.

  • Randale C.
    08/09/2019 23:04

    so why can't United States do the same thing NRA

  • Ramon O.
    08/10/2019 04:32

    She is smarter than most male leaders...

  • Abraham Y.
    08/10/2019 05:00

    It's not gun violence. It's not White Nationalism. FBI has wrongly coined the word 'domestic terrorism'. The correct word should be ' machoism.' Dayton shooter has killed his own sister and it's a clear evidence that he's not a white supremacist. Dayton shooter, his sister and a relative came by car to the site. They're all white Americans (supremacists). Democrats are now exposed after the Dayton shooting. All the recent shootings show there's no racism but machoism, just to show muscle power. They're all inspired by modern action movies like Avengers, You Were Never Really Here, Death Wish etc., violent TV shows and bloodyvideo games. Democrats are not intelligent enough to understand how action movies brainwash youngsters and muscular men. This is the difference between Islamic terrorists who are religious fanatics and macho Europeans who want reckless adventure and bloody violence.

  • Wassi W.
    08/10/2019 05:07

    all part of the plan

  • Artemis B.
    08/10/2019 08:45

    All fine and dandy, but these countries are not owned by NRA and the hypocrites.

  • Manny H.
    08/10/2019 16:13

    Not in the United states

  • Michael S.
    08/10/2019 16:15

    Can't have mine! I won't give in to tyranny or terrorism. I also have a problem with kneeling to the elected masters.

  • Christopher W.
    08/10/2019 22:49

    As the war against freedom and against white people rages on...a few Patriots hold out against the evil empires will and will not go quietly into the dark.

  • Andy C.
    08/11/2019 01:33

    What about all the other shootings

  • Gertraud B.
    08/11/2019 04:45

    I noticed that in the part of the clip dealing with Canada, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard is shown.

  • John S.
    08/11/2019 14:28

    The residents of those 6 counties are sheep. Nobody's going to take our guns away from us.

  • John S.
    08/11/2019 14:30

    What gun? I don't have any guns. What's a gun?

  • Albert G.
    08/11/2019 14:36

    Not going to stop gun violence, remember people with hate and evil in their hearts don't obey the laws. The only people being disarmed are the law abiding citizens thus making them easier victims of both the criminals and the government.

  • Mark W.
    08/11/2019 17:27

    How did prohibition and the war on drugs turn out

  • Michael A.
    08/11/2019 17:31

    Very easy to do when you don't even have anything like the US constitution.

  • Steve M.
    08/11/2019 21:58

    Virginia tech shooter used hand guns. Boston bombers used pressure cookers. If people wanna kill they will. Ak’s aren’t the problem

  • David T.
    08/11/2019 22:09

    We don’t care what other countries do. We’re America for a reason the greatest nation on the planet

  • Bill D.
    08/12/2019 02:49

    How many of these countries are now regretting that choice

  • John C.
    08/12/2019 05:30

    Not in USA. You don't get my money either..commies.