• Santos E.
    06/01/2019 18:53

    Trumped Looks like Zombie 🧟‍♂️ jajajajajajaja

  • Richard S.
    05/28/2017 18:06

    The USA needed a hardass we are sick of having a suck ass aka obumer representing the USA ( go Trump )

  • Jonathan T.
    05/26/2017 18:50

    That's what happens when you don't come to terms with the most powerful country in the world! He isn't kissing ass like obama, it's our way or no way!

  • Yara G.
    05/26/2017 18:40

    yeah he is... a bitch i mean lol

  • Moreno P.
    05/26/2017 16:59


  • Emina A.
    05/26/2017 16:53


  • Brenda C.
    05/26/2017 16:34

    In Trump's defense, maybe he was afraid she'd swat it away. A man can only take so much swatting. Seriously, truth is, his motto really should be "when they go high, I go low".

  • Beatriz Z.
    05/26/2017 16:20

    For someone that has lots of money he can't seem to have enough to buy a little bit of class.. smh .. sorry excuse of a leader.. sad..

  • Gozman C.
    05/26/2017 16:04

    But WHY?? Why would US president wear such a mood and frowned face crossing infront of fellow world leaders? And the time, shoving a PM aside so that he can get in ???

  • Lilian K.
    05/26/2017 15:54


  • Amber M.
    05/26/2017 15:37

    So he praises the leaders who are torturing and murdering their people, and has contempt for the leaders who are helping their people. Interesting.

  • John G.
    05/26/2017 15:00

    Markel puts PC culture above her citizens safety. Countless have died in Germany and across Europe because of her weak resolve.

  • JD S.
    05/26/2017 14:47

    Let's subpoena them tax returns,let's see if he been trickin with Russia

  • N'faly D.
    05/26/2017 12:55

    Lol I love this man. I'm dying people

  • David B.
    05/26/2017 12:44

    If her hand were a pussy I bet he'd shake it.

  • Kathie H.
    05/26/2017 10:20

    Barack Obama, the REAL President!

  • KiWon C.
    05/26/2017 08:23

    Omg. Look what americans have done...cant believe this moron is the president of the united states... what a shame.

  • Alexandra G.
    05/26/2017 06:02

    when you're 7/17 AF

  • Zarifa N.
    05/26/2017 05:39


  • Drew C.
    05/26/2017 04:11

    Hahaha. He thinks he's not supposed to like Germans, because they murdered Jews. HAHAHA . What a fucking idiot. He doesn't know what he's "supposed" to do. Like a lost dog on the street. What a joke. "Should I do this?! Should I do that?! What about this?! Is this ok?!" Hahahaha What a joke

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