Olga Misik is the New Symbol of the Russian Resistance

A 17-year-old read the Russian constitution in front of riot police at a pro-democracy protest in Moscow — then she was arrested with more than 1,000 other demonstrators. Now, she's quickly becoming a symbol of the Russian resistance. 🇷🇺

Russian government's illegal prohibition of opposition candidates

She’s 17 years old and she’s the new symbol of Russian resistance. During pro-democracy protests in Moscow, in front of riot police, Olga Misik read the Russian constitution, which affirms the right to peaceful demonstrations. The photo of Misik has since gone viral. Olga Misik, joined thousands of people in Moscow to protest the Russian government's illegal prohibition of opposition candidates. Many candidates have been barred from running in local elections. “After the SWAT pushed back the protesters, I sat on the ground and continued to read our constitutional rights, clarifying, that what was happening was illegal.”

Demonstrators protested on July 27, 2019 demanding that opposition members be allowed to run in upcoming Moscow City Duma elections. Nearly 1,400 protestors were detained by the police according to the political monitoring group OVD-Info. Misik arrived with friends early in the afternoon to protest. After being separated from one another she eventually came close to the front row of riot police. Reading and waving the constitution around is a common form of protest in Russia, as it's meant to highlight Vladimir Putin's alleged dismissal of Article 31 — the right to free assembly. “We are here so that the independent candidates, for whom we have left our signatures, would be allowed to participate in the election. They should take part and the citizens should vote. If they were allowed… Let people decide for themselves who will represent them. That is, it.”

Misik was allowed to leave following the reading. Later at a subway station she was approached by unidentified officers who detained and arrested her. Misik says she was held for 12 hours. Reports show she was held for a day and now must appear in court to contest the charge of "attending a public event which was held without filing a notice."


08/02/2019 5:58 AMupdated: 08/02/2019 5:40 PM
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  • Iltaf H.
    08/02/2019 18:12

    i think russain have the great leader mr puitn.

  • Sylvien V.
    08/02/2019 18:23

    Continue protecting against the Autoritarian Dictator Putin!

  • Lazaro A.
    08/02/2019 18:54

    Yes the best leader criminal dictator corrut, KGB, intimidator, inocent s ucranians killer

  • Natacha G.
    08/02/2019 21:45

    Dans peu de temps on va nous dire qu'elle a été empoisonnée.....

  • Julian W.
    08/02/2019 22:49

    Police. Soldiers of the enemy. Worldwide

  • Mykhailo R.
    08/03/2019 09:33

    Barbarian slaves. They were silent when their barbaric motherland killing people in other countries and occupied them.

  • Douglas M.
    08/04/2019 02:19

    And she's probably dead now Putin doesn't play...

  • Stanislav .
    08/05/2019 08:11

    Thank you from Russia for sharing this! The world should know. More than 2000 people were arrested during the last 2 weeks, many were severely beaten by so called "police", many are still under arrest and charged with criminal cases, they can be put in prison for up to 15 years! For nothing. For just absolutely peaceful meeting demanding right to have free elections. There is a brutal dictatorship here in Russia, but western leaders prefare not to pay attention.

  • Brut
    08/05/2019 13:59

    Learn more about the protests in Russia:

  • Bertrand R.
    08/05/2019 15:11

    Quelle est cette époque ou le besoin des symboles en culottes courtes égare la raison ?

  • Alfrdo C.
    08/06/2019 09:54

    Putin es un maldito. Y apoya todas las dictaduras del mundo. Y es su aliado. Siempre del lado oscuro.

  • Michael M.
    08/06/2019 10:01

    The same would happen at a Trump rally. He wouldn't recognize the words.

  • Keith J.
    08/07/2019 19:39

    The winds of change are blowing in Russia - We the free salute you.x

  • Dennis F.
    08/08/2019 19:01

    Socialism brought to you by Russia, this is what lefties want here in America. Send them to Russia to learn it first hand.

  • Jay S.
    08/10/2019 13:37

    This happens daily in America

  • Josh K.
    08/11/2019 02:59

    Russia don’t play around dummy

  • Mary F.
    08/11/2019 21:13

    She looks like a young..

  • Albert C.
    08/12/2019 05:25

    Let use social media against the Russian Government.

  • Jim R.
    08/12/2019 16:12

  • Jason M.
    08/12/2019 21:51

    Made possible by the same type of cowards we have in this country. Bootlickers.