Outcry for Witnesses of Domestic Violence to Speak Up

She was captured on camera being abused by her husband — and moments later she was dead, sparking an outcry for witnesses of domestic violence to speak up.

08/14/2018 5:01 PM
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  • Malkeet S.
    08/14/2018 17:04

    that's disgusting Af. What kind of man you are? Shame on such People!

  • Baboo V.
    08/14/2018 17:10

    Hang him till death.....

  • Farwan J.
    08/14/2018 17:15


  • Terry M.
    08/14/2018 17:17

    When my boyfriend was trying to kill me I got outside and screamed for help. All my neighbours could hear me but no one came to help me. I finally got away from him, ran across the street, pounded on thier door and begged them to call the police. I had to save myself.

  • Shirelle A.
    08/14/2018 17:24

    My God! What a coward!

  • Susan B.
    08/14/2018 17:26

    Run from men who think you are property, I was beaten, hospitalized, and finally excaped. Educate your girls, these men are narcissistic and if you survive and excape they will go to great lengths to convince everyone that it was your fault. That's my story.

  • Carlton S.
    08/14/2018 17:28

    Women should go and join Gym where they can learn self defense against domestic violence

  • Lisa A.
    08/14/2018 17:29

    I hope he's in jail

  • Sinha S.
    08/14/2018 17:39


  • Ayon S.
    08/14/2018 17:44

    ei nao tmr biye na korar 101 ti karon :')

  • Faël S.
    08/14/2018 17:49


  • Brut
    08/14/2018 18:01

    CCTV footage is being used more and more to expose domestic violence.

  • Nathan B.
    08/14/2018 18:02

    This guy should be publicly hung, drawn, and quartered to send a message to all domestic abusers.

  • Elliott P.
    08/14/2018 19:34

    this is Kitty Genovese all over

  • Peggy O.
    08/14/2018 20:17

    So what happened to the pig who murdered her?

  • Stephanie C.
    08/14/2018 21:03

    I had a neighbor I was starting to see in my apartments. He locked me in his apartment one night and stole my keys. After tons of threats he finally Simi passed out and I snuck in his room and got my keys out of his pants. He woke up and came after me. We were fighting and I was screaming for help at the top of my lungs. Even the dispatcher kept telling me to calm down as I'm trying to get my keys back and defend myself. He finally pulled a bitch move and wrapped my hair around his hand and slammed my head against the door and took off. Stole my brand new car and wrecked it. When I got outside and the neighbors were just standing there watching and listening to it all happen. I screamed at them asking why nobody helped( all men) they said " we didn't recognize you." Fucking pigs didn't do shit because they didn't think they knew who I was!? Women and children get abused and murdered daily and most bystanders don't do shit.

  • Gail B.
    08/14/2018 22:16

    Women should be taught self defense and how to survive in that type of situation.

  • Beenish S.
    08/14/2018 23:06

    😢 may God rest her soul in peace.

  • Michelle D.
    08/14/2018 23:47

    I'd rather be wrong than right...

  • Cameron S.
    08/14/2018 23:52

    Historically, people do not intervene on behalf of victims anywhere. People will hear screams but not bother to phone the police nor investigate because they ASSUME someone else will do it. The Kitty Genovese Case in New York proved that point decades ago. Non-involvement is the result of "self preservation" in a very twisted sense to disengage in societal matters. 🤔🤗😥😲😵🤗🤨😎