President Macron on Trump's decision

"Make our planet great again" French President Emmanuel Macron's reaction to President Trump's decision to withdraw from Paris Agreement opens the French door to American scientists and "responsible citizens."

06/02/2017 12:09 PM


  • Marie R.
    06/11/2017 16:27

    Waste !!! Your fucking waste #!! Good thing we got Trump now coz we were just wasting are tax money to your stupid global warming! ! Used your own tax asshole! !

  • Randy B.
    06/11/2017 00:41


  • Lay K.
    06/09/2017 09:57

    Let in some more refugees

  • Lisa M.
    06/09/2017 09:19

    We don't care what he thinks! He just wants our money!!!

  • Michael A.
    06/09/2017 03:56

    The social liberal global agenda. Sounds brash.

  • Mark R.
    06/06/2017 20:45

    Blah blah blah! Its about time that it is exposed as the hook it is!

  • Tommy S.
    06/05/2017 09:28

    All we were was an ATM in this. Glad we're out. Keep the money here where it's needed.

  • Roger D.
    06/05/2017 07:05

    No you cuck you just want our money

  • Milo J.
    06/05/2017 06:44

    The Rothschilds puppet isn't happy that trump backed out of a agreement that would have been a financial catastrophe for America. Let's not be fooled this agreement was designed for America to give up it's energy advantage and let China and Europe catch up financially, working twords a goal of one world government.

  • MadJoseph K.
    06/04/2017 18:47

    I totally agree it is a mistake period but what can we do we have a two-year-old orange face daughter fucking prick running our country

  • Pamela W.
    06/04/2017 13:28

    OMGSH WOW! It immediately moved me to TEARS to hear the voice and words of LEADERSHIP.

  • Michele O.
    06/04/2017 07:36

    But the u.s. Should not have to pay the most and we have been doing that....xxxxx

  • Alexa H.
    06/04/2017 01:49

    J'adore France!! But my French is average and ujntil it is decent enough to thrive I am stuck with an oompa loompa Umbridge looking Kardashian tweeting bitch of a president. I'll visit though. 😙😙

  • LaQuania D.
    06/03/2017 20:24

    This sounds like a rescue... He wants to start small and take baby steps to rescue and save us while there's still a fighting chance

  • Deysi B.
    06/03/2017 19:19

    Quien tiene huevos así 👍🏻

  • Chris A.
    06/03/2017 16:37

    Good for Macron...... A very wise man

  • Ethan R.
    06/03/2017 15:12

    Fucking French pussies

  • Jon R.
    06/03/2017 13:02

    This guy is an ass

  • Oil S.
    06/03/2017 10:30

    Trump for life

  • Miguel M.
    06/03/2017 09:06

    French surrenders to anyone , now they are surrendering to the globalist agenda.

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