President Putin rare interview

"We don't care who's the head of the United-States." Vladimir Poutine was very, VERY frank in his interview.

06/05/2017 9:00 PM
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  • Linda Y.
    06/05/2017 21:10

    lmao !!!!!

  • Lalo J.
    06/05/2017 21:11


  • Tony N.
    06/05/2017 21:21

    The media is looking dumber and dumber every day. They try to make Russia look like the bad guy while Hillary Clinton laughs all the way to the bank. Ha, ha, ha.

  • Stephanie C.
    06/05/2017 21:22


  • Antonio C.
    06/05/2017 21:25

    Ha ha ha that's how you handle fuckin media!

  • Ramsey S.
    06/05/2017 21:26

    I ain't mad at cha putti...

  • Lulu L.
    06/05/2017 21:27

    KGB rat!

  • Alice I.
    06/05/2017 21:32

    me thinks he doth protest too much!

  • Bobby H.
    06/05/2017 21:37

    He slaughtered Meghan Kelly and the rest of the fact lacking media, I loved it!

  • Khaien D.
    06/05/2017 21:39

    Y'all are saying good job putin but he avoids the questions?

  • Sarah R.
    06/05/2017 21:44

    हे नाउ हंस ऐन ऑडीयन्स

  • Ian S.
    06/05/2017 21:48

    He's lieing. How can I tell? His lips are moving.

  • Sewu H.
    06/05/2017 21:51

    I like the way she looking at him. She is the boss in the room.

  • Terence A.
    06/05/2017 21:56

    Havent watched the full thing yet, so i cant say REKT without being flamed to the hades. So ill just say "Putin isnt Trump, and it would be wise of her to remember that" Fckn comrade Vlad would drop the hammer on her smug ass if it came down to it.

  • Daniel M.
    06/05/2017 22:18

    lmao Vladimir poutine

  • Brandon M.
    06/05/2017 22:30

    Hahaha! Americans doing what they do best. Blaming another country for their lying, cheating, murdering politicians. Can you guys hold your country accountable for one single solitary thing? At all?

  • Dan R.
    06/05/2017 22:38

    poor little Magen

  • John P.
    06/05/2017 22:48

    Interesting to note that the political direction seems to be shifting drastically.

  • Kevin W.
    06/05/2017 23:04

    Let's trust what this fool has to say.... lol

  • Cristian N.
    06/05/2017 23:07