Presidents negotiating with Russia

Donald J. Trump seems sure he can negotiate with Putin. But other presidents have already tried...

07/07/2017 6:31 PM
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  • Chris G.
    07/07/2017 19:32

    In other words. Russia is still pissed about losing the Cold War and they still don't like us. Lol

  • Rob M.
    07/07/2017 19:59 Here is a clue who are the real trouble makers and it is not Russia.

  • Rob M.
    07/07/2017 20:06

    The US took over the Baltics with NATO. Then they tried to take Georgia and Ukraine into NATO. A anti-Russian government installed by the US in Georgia. South Ossetians have relatives in North Ossetia in Russia. So they rebelledi in 2008. Then in 2014, the US did a neonazi coup in Ukraine allowing the US deep state to take over Ukraine. The US planned to take Crimea's naval. USS Cook was sailing to the base. The people of Crimea did not want to be part of a US deep state government in Kiev so they voted to get away from it. It has been the US who has been causing trouble in ex-Soviet Union lands. Gorby shouldn't have give these lands away. The US can't seem to stop its Manifest Destiny, Monroe Doctrine, and Full spectrum dominance agenda - it seems to be endless.

  • Angel C.
    07/07/2017 20:16

    Trump already rides Putin's dick.

  • Luigi B.
    07/07/2017 20:28

    Yes he can

  • Jay M.
    07/07/2017 20:33

    I see ole baby hands back up to his old tricks. Sad!

  • Bill W.
    07/07/2017 20:45

    PLEASE, do not compare Mr. Trump to those other boobs.

  • Omar T.
    07/07/2017 21:08


  • Raymon S.
    07/07/2017 21:09

    Donald is to stupid to deal with Putin. Very sad. He is also to stupid to realize it.

  • Angel H.
    07/07/2017 21:12

    Trump can't even talk in proper sentences. Fkn dumb ass whipe! Russia will never ever listen to an fkn 🤡

  • Heather M.
    07/07/2017 21:51

    Ppl in glass houses ......

  • Louis P.
    07/07/2017 22:01

    He can deff negotiate with Putin because criminal minds think alike.

  • Ray S.
    07/07/2017 22:22

    He's ex-KGB. He's trained to keep a straight face. But Putin's rich, has kids and grand kids, and wants the world to continue, all be it on his terms. No, we shouldn't trust Putin, but Donald's not going to fold to him by any chance.

  • Sabrina K.
    07/07/2017 22:47

    Putin should stop his support of the hostile regime in the US, too, plznthx...

  • Kani E.
    07/07/2017 23:09

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  • Eddie H.
    07/07/2017 23:19

    He seems to be successful.

  • Brizzy T.
    07/08/2017 00:31

    Ain't nobody fuckin wit Putin he is just on a level nun of the other world leaders are on Putin is one Badass Guy

  • Roy N.
    07/08/2017 01:15

    well he certainly can't be worse than Obama

  • Adam D.
    07/08/2017 01:18

    You know why Trump stands a chance? Because he sees Putin as a man, business man and a leader of a country. Everyone else saw Putin as an adversary and talked shit about him, how do you think your fake news network and CNN's constant lies about him make him feel? I mean come on this isn't a difficult concept to follow people.

  • Olayinka A.
    07/08/2017 01:18

    Trump care less about America , he just want to go home with pocket full of money.