Presidents negotiating with Russia

Donald J. Trump seems sure he can negotiate with Putin. But other presidents have already tried...

07/07/2017 6:31 PM


  • Jovana M.
    07/11/2017 00:53

    K Man Stil

  • Chris B.
    07/09/2017 14:00

    It's no way Trump went in there aggressively with Putin and talked like he does with others. All this talk about being an aggressive and strong leader; how do you do that without stepping on relationships and building turbulent ones?

  • Jesse O.
    07/09/2017 01:17

    Tbh. I feel trumps ego is a little higher than any other president EVEN THO trump doesnt hide is ego nearly as much as other presidents tried, so with that being said, trump has a better chance to know how to deal with putins ego

  • Kathleen C.
    07/08/2017 18:48


  • Paul M.
    07/08/2017 18:15

    Who is more concerned with this than trump shiting all over our allies

  • Leonard G.
    07/08/2017 17:45

    Will the next meeting be conducted in Russian or English?

  • Jon C.
    07/08/2017 17:19

    He didn't try the power handshake this time, weird

  • Marshalee S.
    07/08/2017 17:18

    Putin, I am sorry but trump blew your cover.

  • Brian G.
    07/08/2017 16:55

    Are you guys fucking stupid, do understand the training putin has had an the experience compared to Trump he can literally kill Trump wit his bare hands,deception, espionage, yea a reality tv star,so called buissness man who has been in an out of bankruptcy, law suits up the ass never served a day in the military against a former kgb trained spy gtfoh..

  • Chetachi U.
    07/08/2017 15:38

    Uh his ass better not be sucking d**k for nothing!

  • Tallulah S.
    07/08/2017 15:22


  • Ryan C.
    07/08/2017 14:58

    Why are so many of his supporters so quick to use violence or make threats? Violence is not a trait shared by the educated or intelligent When people just get defensive and make threats nothing can get solved Both sides need to start giving respect, and both sides need to be respectable, only then can we work together to make this country, this world a better place for all of us

  • Ryan C.
    07/08/2017 14:54

    He's not just a boob he's the biggest boob ever, this I can tell you nobody is a bigger boob than he is ,hin boobness and is fantastic let me tell you that

  • Tobias S.
    07/08/2017 12:14

    The only difference between this president and the past 5, this one isn't gonna be a pussy, he grabs them instead

  • Caitlin J.
    07/08/2017 07:31

    say something witty

  • Aaron B.
    07/08/2017 06:41

    Okay honestly whatever your political views are Obama was an asshole to Putin.

  • Chris H.
    07/08/2017 06:17

    GoBama ;)

  • Michael J.
    07/08/2017 05:28

    I love Trump's mannerisms when he speaks... Definitely gonna be the cornerstone of his legacy

  • Katsumi K.
    07/08/2017 05:01

    The correct title should be "Russia has been trying to bring sense to American foreign policies for over 15 years but nothing good seems to come out of it"

  • Douglas S.
    07/08/2017 04:30

    Donald has an obsession with Russia! In the 80's he met a Russian ambassador to try to open a hotel at the kremlin. Hes failed and has been resilient in his efforts to tap in to the Russian Market. Donny boy is in Putins back pocket. They 're business associates and playing all of us for fools

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