Putin reacts to Trump firing decision

President Vladimir Putin had a particular reaction when asked about James Comey's firing.

05/12/2017 4:30 PM


  • Shermaine D.
    05/25/2017 04:33

    The Russian Lex Luthor..

  • Israel P.
    05/18/2017 01:16


  • AJ A.
    05/18/2017 00:09

    Putin nailed it...Trump is acting according to his competence. Hello.

  • Mark M.
    05/17/2017 19:42

    He clearly speaks english. So why are we bullshitting?

  • Jose J.
    05/16/2017 01:24

    I'm going to play hockey with a hockey friends

  • Antonio L.
    05/15/2017 14:19

    Putin the best president in more than 8 years!! Russia is very lucky to have an strong and intelligent president and in the USA we have an Orange Arrogant Ape!!

  • Nonhlanhla K.
    05/15/2017 11:57

    There's something sexy about a man with sports shoulder pads and a very deep eye contact.

  • Armin M.
    05/15/2017 11:47


  • Sēan-Patrick O.
    05/15/2017 10:21

    He does marital arts an plays hockey seems like a cool guys to me.

  • Dakota P.
    05/15/2017 03:49


  • Tyler C.
    05/15/2017 02:44

    she ded now :(

  • James H.
    05/15/2017 02:14

    This man pulled off one of the biggest upsat and this country he even had some of you idiots fighting among each other while him and trump laughing at some of you idiots that don't believe trump is guilty of selling you out and helping Russia!

  • Brett V.
    05/15/2017 01:43

    Hannah Sani

  • Sarah Y.
    05/15/2017 00:57

    "I'm going to play hockey with hockey friends"

  • Chris R.
    05/14/2017 23:35

    She'll be missing

  • Michael B.
    05/14/2017 16:17

    Everybody hates Putin except for most Russians..weird

  • Juan D.
    05/14/2017 16:12

    Look at all our business in the street...... got this pile of trash laughing at us at a hockey game.... trump has turned this country into a joke!

  • Josh H.
    05/14/2017 16:01

    Seems like a good response to me... who cares

  • Jakob K.
    05/14/2017 15:56

    Beau Paiva

  • Antonio A.
    05/14/2017 13:07

    I saw nothing strange with Putins response. And he is right

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