Putin's asylum offer

President Putin offered ex-FBI director James Comey political asylum in Russia! 😳

06/16/2017 1:36 PM
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  • Ellee W.
    08/13/2019 15:11

    ✅✅✅👏👏👏 ,🦁🦁🦁.

  • Sheila D.
    06/17/2017 12:21

    When have you ever heard of Putin being so vocal and active in US business? Even Ray Charles can see this Sh*t!

  • Jon M.
    06/17/2017 11:41

    This is insane. The president is literally a Russian spy..

  • Ahror M.
    06/17/2017 11:26

    Putin is a clown. Know that. He cannot respond to the direct questions associated with domestic problems of Russia. People there are in famine, wages are low.

  • Samantha S.
    06/17/2017 10:39

    He doesn't have recordings, nor did trump say that he had recordings. Comey stated "he has memos" of the conversations that he gave to a law professor. But the special counsel handling the case was only given 12 or 24 hours to turn them over and last I heard he hadn't turned them in within that dead line. I'm so curious as to the Trump/Russia motives? We were in good terms with Russia while Hilary was head of state, she sold 20% of our natural Uranium productions to them (well she signed off on it and gave them the okay to buy the American factories that were already doing the work.) So question is why sell that to them if we're not in good relations with them?

  • RJ B.
    06/17/2017 10:06

    from what? lmfao this dude is completely out of his mind just like our wonderful "leader". any american that idolizes him is a straight up moron.

  • David E.
    06/17/2017 06:23

    God Bless :D

  • Word W.
    06/17/2017 05:49

    The Russians have always been allies with America,always...

  • Ramon A.
    06/17/2017 05:01


  • Christopher A.
    06/17/2017 04:43

    What? Putin throwing shade on an FBI director? He' will give him asylum too? I'm sure he's doing it out of the kindness of his heart.

  • Karishma J.
    06/17/2017 03:47

    how much Botox u think he use

  • Iasia W.
    06/17/2017 03:08

    Everybody so POLITICAL as if everybody is sitting in on briefings and have FIRST HAND ACCOUNTS of THE REAL STORY...oh how naive this country has built everybody not to mention gullible 😂🤣😂🤣😂✌

  • Jeff T.
    06/17/2017 02:55

    What better way to look innocent than to offer something you know the other party wont accept. Trumps base might just be that stupid.

  • Aj M.
    06/17/2017 02:35

    Hey PUUT why don't you take that political asylum and shove it where the sun don't shine. Comey is no coward

  • Sandra J.
    06/17/2017 02:15

    1st political asylum. 2nd a small accident where he falls off a building...

  • Lonnie J.
    06/17/2017 02:06

    This is not good. America is Russia's bitch.

  • Robb W.
    06/17/2017 01:59

    Putin you sly dog, you forget America always turns on the dictators they use.

  • Ben M.
    06/17/2017 01:55

    This is called... a stretch. Classified vs privileged information...

  • Charlie Z.
    06/17/2017 01:44

    I consider Snowden to be a true patriot, so let this comparison be made.

  • Natalie P.
    06/17/2017 01:12

    Is Comey's life in trouble or something in the USA? I feel like it would be in Russia.