Rep. Higgins at Auschwitz

This Congressman went to Auschwitz and his conclusion was: the US needs more protection. The Auschwitz memorial did not like his video...

07/05/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Christopher O.
    07/05/2017 19:37

    What an idiot. WTF are they teaching in the south? Seriously? Lets worry about the evil that is running this country before you worry about the outside evils, shall we.

  • Michele B.
    07/05/2017 19:39

    What an ass. We need protection from the inside. Him and his ilk specifically.

  • Ralph J.
    07/05/2017 19:47

    He's right. We must keep vigilant against leftist totalitarianism.

  • Bernie F.
    07/05/2017 20:01


  • Pulkit S.
    07/05/2017 20:16


  • Jenn R.
    07/05/2017 21:07

    Moron! Selfish pile of Garbage! SHAME!

  • Garret S.
    07/05/2017 21:09

    They should have turned on the gas.

  • Coco F.
    07/05/2017 21:11

    this is why we must resist the Fascist that is in our White house!

  • Bilal B.
    07/05/2017 21:11

    Maybe if we didn't try to exploit every country we can get out hands on and murder and kill them maybe we wouldn't have to worry as much

  • Vee B.
    07/05/2017 21:23

    Douches being ignorantly douchey...

  • Stacey R.
    07/05/2017 21:25

    I forgot which party wants to reduce the rights of minorities?

  • Clinton S.
    07/05/2017 21:25

    Cocksucker motherfucker.

  • Jessie R.
    07/05/2017 21:30

    Catering to the fear, fanning the flames. Us and them. How do these idiots make it into office?

  • Ashley S.
    07/05/2017 21:35

    And our biggest evil is the Cheeto man

  • Julio Z.
    07/05/2017 21:36

    What an idiot

  • Stewart W.
    07/05/2017 21:40

    What a knob head

  • Suli A.
    07/05/2017 21:41

    But how many people are Burns swastika, and calling themselves Nazis in your state????

  • Alex D.
    07/05/2017 21:46

    Yes, because super authoritative, nationalist security forces could have prevented Auschwitz..... oh wait..... and Hitler was trying to protect Germany from evil outside forces as well.... some morons are doomed to repeat history

  • Josh H.
    07/05/2017 21:51

    What I don't understand is, does he not recognize that the reason there were so many Jews left to be rounded up was because so many nations (the USA chief among them) lacked the compassion to accept refugees? If anything, this should make someone want to be more humanitarian, not want higher walls and bigger guns.

  • Chris B.
    07/05/2017 21:53

    Wait, does he not realize the nazis were a domestic threat that rose to power on a campaign of hatred and lies, like the alt right? Does he not realize america closing its borders to jewish refugees led to millions being burned? The metal gymnastics in this guy's head must be astounding