Survivors rescued from earthquake in Syria and Turkey

The death toll from the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria has topped 11,000. But some are still being pulled from the rubble alive. Warning: distressing themes

“Moments of hope in the midst of disaster” 

Cheers erupted in Syria as this entire family was pulled from the rubble after they spent more than 24 hours trapped. That’s not the only harrowing story to emerge following the deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday … 

7.8-magnitude earthquake kills over 2,500 people

In Turkey, young twins were rescued by police after being trapped for 40 hours. Police dubbed them the “miracle twins.” Rescue workers also pulled a 70-year-old man out of a destroyed building after he’d been trapped for 56 hours. And another young girl was rescued in Syria after spending 40 hours in the rubble of her family's home. The Syrian Civil Defense called these rescues “moments of hope in the midst of disaster” and a “true miracle.” 

Rescue efforts continue in Turkey and Syria