Scotland makes pads and tampons free

"Period products are not a luxury, they're a necessity." Meanwhile in Scotland, lawmakers have made pads and tampons free for all women.

11/25/2020 11:29 PM


  • Kuleve S.
    5 days

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  • Sean S.
    12/02/2020 12:49

    Here in the USA, they are taxed...

  • Bryan S.
    12/01/2020 13:41

    Ok gender equality... Women get free pads, what do men get free.

  • Lauren J.
    12/01/2020 07:19

    maybe we should buy one way tickets next time 😂

  • Joseph H.
    11/30/2020 18:32

    Women, girls and people that menstruate. So glad you included the people that are not women or girls but do menstruate........

  • Robert B.
    11/30/2020 16:23

    Wow fail

  • Khutheibam I.
    11/30/2020 13:32

    While india who is very much behind on menstrual hygiene apply taxes over pads....

  • Sahera D.
    11/30/2020 11:43


  • Pokkisha P.
    11/30/2020 10:59

    In India it turned expensive day by day...

  • Julio P.
    11/30/2020 00:53

    So for true equality are men essentials going to be free too or just women things in Scotland

  • Stephen S.
    11/30/2020 00:03

    So toilet paper is free too? How about food?

  • Puja P.
    11/29/2020 16:03

    Great initiative ..💓👌

  • Kobe L.
    11/29/2020 04:46

    Ayyy the Irish can now Drink in Peace

  • Rhyan C.
    11/28/2020 23:33

    Food is a necessity and very important for ALL life. Will it be free next?

  • Debbie K.
    11/28/2020 22:04


  • Chandni N.
    11/28/2020 17:19

    India's government is currently busy on the temple, they don't have time to think about it, great initiative...

  • Tony T.
    11/28/2020 12:29


  • Liliane v.
    11/27/2020 23:45


  • Donna M.
    11/27/2020 19:10

    Thats awesome!!!

  • Sofia A.
    11/27/2020 18:00

    Great initiative...

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