Sergey Lavrov reacts to James Comey's firing

"You are kidding?" Did Russian foreign minister learn about James Comey's firing in front of the press?

05/11/2017 3:37 PM


  • Shermaine D.
    05/25/2017 04:42

    That's the puppet master that's pull trumps strings..

  • Melvin A.
    05/15/2017 10:38

    Even Russian knows it's wasn't good what trump did

  • Jack B.
    05/13/2017 22:36

    Body Language Analysis No. 3397: Mr. Lavrov Goes To Washington - “Was he fired? You’re kidding!” - Sergey Lavrov, Rex Tillerson, and James Comey - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence

  • Brandon C.
    05/12/2017 16:12

    At that moment he knew they fucked up

  • Ariel G.
    05/12/2017 13:22

    All of trumpa supporters will say "this is fake" or "he was just acting surprised" "something about Obama" "something about Hillary or Banghazi" Never anything in reference to the problem at hand though.

  • Ant G.
    05/12/2017 13:16

    What a weird handshake

  • Gardy G.
    05/12/2017 12:42

    Low IQ Trump.supporters be like : "But but Hillary's emails "

  • Jackie A.
    05/12/2017 11:38

    I hate this creeps haughty attitude. He can do that because his leader owns trump.

  • Tony M.
    05/12/2017 10:18

    Hes mocking the journalist been sarcastic, he know exactly whats going on in the WH thanks to Mango Mussolini 👈

  • Eric R.
    05/12/2017 06:09

    As soon as the question was asked you see the fear in his eyes, and the quick wit to act ignorant

  • Flavio A.
    05/12/2017 05:36

    He just lost his ally, now what he going to do? Looks nervous to me. A new great qualified person will take over FBI, they will also take Trump down if he ever did anything with Russia (which HE didn't).

  • Eric C.
    05/12/2017 05:15

    That handshake

  • Tif E.
    05/12/2017 02:56

    Why would he even care??

  • Kevin M.
    05/12/2017 02:04


  • Gerardo F.
    05/12/2017 01:23

    he's seen Ocean's Eleven

  • Sean S.
    05/12/2017 01:08

    Where is the rest of the clip?

  • Jason D.
    05/12/2017 00:48

    are you kidding

  • Harold M.
    05/12/2017 00:44

    This is becoming a third world country!

  • Michael W.
    05/12/2017 00:44

    have you seen this?

  • Jean L.
    05/12/2017 00:17


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