Some Palestinians and Israelis are working together for peace

"I am Palestinian and an Israeli citizen, and I'm afraid and hurt. But the fact that we're all reunited here helps me to have hope." Some Palestinians and Israeli people are joining forces and calling for peace.

05/20/2021 7:58 PM


  • Jose M.
    05/27/2021 03:06

    Why is that ??

  • Jose M.
    05/27/2021 03:05

    You know what's so weird I Palestinian look like Jewish people Jewish people look like Palestinians

  • Imri L.
    05/24/2021 04:49


  • Leo C.
    05/22/2021 10:24


  • Lynda H.
    05/21/2021 23:15

    good for those few people, let's hope they can make a difference...

  • Rana A.
    05/21/2021 18:05

    Peace? There is no more peace! We want Freedom for Palestines and their land back

  • Darakhshan N.
    05/21/2021 14:33

    Now updating Y'all supporting israel terrorists.. Israelis who were saying we are defending ourselves from violent Palestinians, now who attacked today (Friday) on Masjid Al Aqsa mosque while Muslims were offering prayers and they've used stun grenades.. is this a act of defence or the offer of peace to Palestinians. Israelis are the world's best deceivers I've ever seen. It was settled to cease fire but now what you're doing invading again and doing terrorism.. Israel terrorist.. now you're really showing the world that your against only Muslims doing ethnic cleansing as you are Zionist.. Shame on you!! 🇵🇸 #

  • Michelle J.
    05/21/2021 12:26

    its the right wing zionist government that needs to be changed.if they were out and their propaganda against palestinians stopped things could change.

  • Naila O.
    05/21/2021 07:31

    ya lharkia lkhamja

  • Naila O.
    05/21/2021 07:30

    they were living peacefully in Palestine before Zionists came and took their country

  • Naila O.
    05/21/2021 07:29

    f*** off

  • Folagbade F.
    05/21/2021 07:22

    Peace is the only way-out.

  • Jahangir M.
    05/21/2021 04:31

    Save World Save Humanity

  • Syed A.
    05/21/2021 04:15

    Wipe out Is*ra*hell, it will bring peace in the middle east... They steal the land of palistinens.. They don't belong there... Send them to Germany which made them refugees in the first place... Palestine belongs to palistinens only... Period

  • Zenobia P.
    05/21/2021 03:51

    Thanks Russia the power behind the stop of Israeli US bombs on Palestinian heads ... Russia is busy bombing daesh and US soldiers OUT of Syria from past 9 years, not only Russia, the other allies to Syria worked to eliminate daesh -isis- US sponsored terror. . Salute Syria Arab Army, Russia Iraq, Iran China too helped inside Syria . USA is defeated, Bashar Assad did not became US puppet, No US colonialism won inside Syria . USatanofAmerica destroyed the country, stole Oil plan to control loot Syria Natural Gas failed. Fake propaganda against Bashar Assad also failed . # Why TV channels not reporting these facts!! ??? Because it is control by US govt. But you can research the truth !!! H e l o i s a J a i r a / zp Good morning !!!

  • Ben T.
    05/21/2021 02:33


  • Ron C.
    05/21/2021 01:04

    UN is just an organization, they actually r3ally don't care about any country when it comes to worst.

  • Muhammad S.
    05/20/2021 22:32

    Get rid of zionist it'll stop war.

  • Haidar A.
    05/20/2021 21:34

    We ll have peace When every one come back to his country of origine: the palestenian living in camps to his home palestine and netnyahu to his home hungary and so on.

  • Uchenna O.
    05/20/2021 21:18

    Will they accept peace?

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