Something Doesn’t Add Up at the G7...

7 world powers. 23 men. 1 woman. 🤔

Fighting for shared prosperity

This is the “family portrait” of G7 leaders. Here are the leaders’ spouses who took part in the photoshoot. Here is Angela Merkel, the German chancellor. In this picture, she is the only woman to lead a country. The G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council released its Recommendations for advancing Gender Equality and the empowerment of girls and women and Call to Action. The Gender Equality Advisory Council (GEAC) was created by Prime Minister Trudeau during Canada's G7 presidency in 2018. French President Emmanuel Macron renewed it in 2019 by renewing its members and its mandate.

1 woman and 23 men. Out of 152 elected chiefs of state, there’s only 10 women, according to the UN. That’s 6.6% of women. The Advisory Council has identified 79 good practices in gender equality laws in 4 sectors (violence, economic empowerment, education and health, discrimination) and in all regions of the world. It calls on the leaders of the G7 and other countries to commit themselves, through the "Biarritz Partnership", to adopt and implement progressive legislative frameworks for gender equality, drawing on its recommendations. In particular, it calls on the leaders to: End gender-based violence; ensure equitable and quality education and health; promote economic empowerment; ensure full equality between women and men in public policies.

It calls on States to ensure the necessary funding for the implementation of laws and to monitor them on a regular basis, as well as to abolish any discriminatory measures against women that may persist. More than 2.5 billion girls and women worldwide are affected by discriminatory laws and lack of legal protection. The actions of many brave girls and women have broken the silence and highlighted the urgent need for strong and determined action. The Council urges the leaders of the G7 to be as courageous and courageous as girls and women are every day.


08/27/2019 10:19 AM


  • Antonio N.
    09/02/2019 17:27

    Point? Other than trying to trigger some people into a fight

  • Nancy R.
    08/31/2019 16:47

    my super hero 😁

  • Tanner N.
    08/31/2019 10:57


  • Christopher K.
    08/29/2019 15:42

    Being a man or woman in any sort of position doesn't matter, just lead and do your job right.

  • Stacy A.
    08/29/2019 12:27

    She's ruining Germany...

  • Andrew M.
    08/29/2019 01:02

    Why is this nonsense in my fb feed. Merkel is a most contrived and despised apologist for Germany. Taking the head of the unified EU only to fight a departure of its only economic powerhouse and destroy the rest via immigration? Taking on all of the PIGS guarantees and then defaulting? brut is apparently dumb enough to hire the mouth breather that wrote this.

  • Nikhil B.
    08/28/2019 19:18

    100 yrs back, we couldn't have imagined this too, we are progressing. Slow but ok right path.

  • Richard E.
    08/28/2019 18:09


  • David J.
    08/28/2019 11:30

    You all are right. Instead of voting for the best leader who can do the job and make your country better. Lets vote for a woman instead just because shes a woman.

  • Nacho F.
    08/28/2019 05:24


  • Connie E.
    08/27/2019 23:54

    This is exactly why the world is in such a bad state😢

  • Elvis R.
    08/27/2019 20:59

    I guess the fact that women are less interested in politics doesn’t have anything to do with it????

  • ⵎⵓⵃⵎⵎⴷ ⴰ.
    08/27/2019 20:05

    Females aren't interested in politics. We need more female politicians, so we can have a population that can increase women chances of getting leading roles

  • Josh M.
    08/27/2019 19:38

    Thank God hillary lost

  • Brad J.
    08/27/2019 18:48

    1 woman and she is a horrible leader and will likely be punted in the next election.

  • Tom K.
    08/27/2019 16:41

    The world is not run by humans. These are just the puppets of capital

  • Hore Y.
    08/27/2019 16:36

    I think she is most courageous then those all 23.

  • Isaías M.
    08/27/2019 16:30


  • Wendy F.
    08/27/2019 15:32

    Can they sing " we are the world"????

  • Tarah M.
    08/27/2019 15:23

    Let’s change that in 2020!

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