Swedish deputy's plea to end famine while holding her baby

Swedish deputy Jytte Guteland gave a powerful plea to end famine in Africa, while holding her baby son in her arms during European Parliament's debate.

03/18/2017 3:00 PM


  • Shavon Q.
    03/31/2017 18:35

    is helping to end hunger.

  • Stacey B.
    03/20/2017 20:29

    Either way and for whatever reason it is fine. Good for her for having the courage to make her point.

  • Hannah B.
    03/20/2017 19:31

    "In my child, I see the children of the world." That quote, man.

  • Melissa V.
    03/20/2017 19:13

    She's just doing her mommy duties while on the job. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Keith C.
    03/20/2017 17:02

    Nobody manipulates emotionally better

  • Danielle V.
    03/20/2017 16:56

    Maybe we should focus more on what she is saying.....

  • Hussein A.
    03/20/2017 15:41

    God bless you maam

  • Michael R.
    03/20/2017 15:11

    I'm still stuck on the part where a white person, and not a citizen of the countries mentioned, is the one representing the people...

  • John J.
    03/20/2017 15:06

    End Famine? Find a way to end fertility over there. Sad and terrible but necessary

  • Snelson D.
    03/20/2017 14:47

    This is reality! Mothers who work and raise children at the same time. Hats off to this woman.

  • Haley H.
    03/20/2017 12:59

    All while dealing with her own baby wanting to play with the microphone. Bless her heart.