• Michael C.
    05/29/2021 19:44

    "Hamas Has Turned The Palestinians Into Beggars... They Stole From Their People And Did Not Invest In Their Freedom [Or] Education" "Why Isn't Hamas Building Bomb Shelters For The People [Of Gaza]? Because Hamas Needs Victims, It Needs Children To Die In Order To Keep Its Cause Alive" https://www.memri.org/reports/german-egyptian-intellectual-dr-hamed-abdel-samad-hamas-does-not-build-bomb-shelters-because

  • Farhan B.
    05/22/2021 08:06

    Free Palestinian

  • Farhan B.
    05/22/2021 08:06

    Great Palestinian

  • Md S.
    05/19/2021 16:26

    Hamas is not a terrorist organization, the Israeli army is... The Israeli stops Palestine to make an army. They stop Palestine police to carry arms. They took Palestinians from the land of Palestine and the Palestine police can't do anything. The Israeli army gives air-strick to destory buildings and give government fund to make new buildings on that land by Israeli settlers! Who is the terrorist here!!!! Israel is. They disobey many international laws and don't give permission to investigate.

  • Shady G.
    05/16/2021 20:01

    A state built on stealing other people's home and Rights based on religious extremists ..what is the difference between Israel and isis then. Why is it thier right to steal homes and when Palestine push back the US start tearing up .just remember the Holocaust and look in your self in the mirror Knowing that 35 people of Palestine killed today 12 child and 8 women including and remember what's is taken by force can only be brought back by force đŸ‡žđŸ‡©â™„ïžđŸ‡žđŸ‡©

  • Dor G.
    05/16/2021 08:00

    So much missinformation: 1. The eviction cases are still in court so no one was planned to be evicted. 2. The protests are riots and they started before hamas fired not because in an act of soliderirty. Hamas fired on soliderirty with the riots. 3. There were no joint protests against attacking Gaza in Israel. There were peaceful protesters against the violence against Arabs and jews inside Israel caused by rioters from both sides. You just took it completely out of context and to justify your opinion. 4. The Palestinians did not throw just rocks at the police they also throwed molotovs. They completely 100% throwed first. Why do you have a molotov at a mosque? Ans didn't just threw rocks at the police they also threw them at worshipers at the western wall. They also lit a tree on fire above the western wall next to their mosque before the police came..the point is the stockpiles of rocks and molotovs are proof that they were the aggressors. If you are peaceful you don't have molotov. Anyway very biased

  • Amel I.
    05/14/2021 23:38

    Your account is totally biased !!!! What is the point of reporting events if its done inaccurately.????

  • Mohamad H.
    05/14/2021 09:35

    Hamas is Torrorist ?? Are you blind ?? Israel are the real terrorist.

  • Sajjad N.
    05/13/2021 23:29

    US also will pay the price one day

  • Robert C.
    05/13/2021 20:02

    Jews never had any land or country of their own before 1948.Hamas is Not a Terrorist Group but instead Israel is a Terrorist State confiscating other peoples land & homes

  • àŠčàŠŸàŠ°à§àŠš àŠ….
    05/13/2021 16:41

    is a occupied and Terrorist state..

  • BoglĂĄrka A.
    05/13/2021 16:17

    all of you can gtfo!

  • Alumgir K.
    05/13/2021 08:14

    "Israel had right to Self-Defense" -U.S State Department. What about others right to defence? Mr. U.S.....You also have to pay the price one day. Nothing would be unpaid....