The cautionary tale of Hokkaido's second quarantine

The Japanese island of Hokkaido thought it had defeated the novel coronavirus — until a second wave of infections hit.

04/26/2020 2:02 PM


  • Iuli A.
    05/02/2020 13:18

    Where it’s the real, because this not!🙂

  • Mole R.
    04/27/2020 08:12

    Fake news

  • Sylvien V.
    04/26/2020 21:35

    World ‘S Women Leaders do much better to attack and stop 🛑 Corona virus than men...Taiwan,New Zealand,Iceland,Finland,Denmark,Norway or Germany....

  • Diana C.
    04/26/2020 17:14

    Just as in 1918 -19 with the Spanish Flu the resurgence will be deadlier still with its mutations . Just a worst case scenario if we act prematurely !

  • Vijay N.
    04/26/2020 15:25

    Are volunteers miraculous? Is there a contract between the corona virus and the volunteers? Does anyone have evidence to prove that the corona virus infection will not spread through volunteers? Is there testing of volunteers all over the world? Does Corona Virus get scared by the four walls of the house? Has Corona Virus contracted with police officers? Does the corona virus get frightened by having a meter distance between people? Has all police officers been tested? Are patients infected with Corona virus surviving through lockdowns? Can anyone tell me how long the lockdown will be held? Does Corona Virus get scared by politicians? Will Corona virus move to another planet after politicians have ordered the end of the lockdown? Have all the intellectual people of the world gone mad ? Has the Corona virus contracted the mask? Calling the mask called n95 a perfect weapon created an atmosphere of chaos all over the world. Now, after the atmosphere of chaos has arisen, a doctor named Sanjay Gupta of America is teaching American citizens that, by tying a cloth to the mouth, the infection of corona virus can also be avoided. Now I want to ask you, have we all gone mad? If the infection of the corona virus can be avoided by tying the cloth on the mouth, then why was it said that only by wearing a mask called n95 can infection of the corona virus be avoided? Is the Corona virus following the orders of politicians? The Corona virus will never return to Earth after the ban is lifted. Is there an agreement between Corona Virus and politicians regarding the ban?

  • Jeanie W.
    04/26/2020 14:33

    Test time? Why is there a second wave after reports of a remission. Answer the virus mutates and the test are not "encoding" the new mutation strands. Got It.. Test Test Test, update update update. Thank you, just my humble opinion.

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