• Jenifer B.
    02/06/2017 18:08

    Worst Dalai Lama ever for so many reasons but this one ☝️ and eating meat (monks invented tofu for a reason dude, go Vegan!) has convinced me this guy is nothing more than a celebrity who's job is entertaining the masses and media for monetary gains above all else.

  • Dryas M.
    02/05/2017 04:44


  • Andrea K.
    02/05/2017 03:32

    If I have to be reincarnated as the other gender, I want to be attractive too.

  • Sarah B.
    02/05/2017 03:17

    The title "Dalai" is not Buddhist, nor does it originate from Tibetan language. It comes from Mongolia. I would encourage people not to assume this patriarchal view comes from Tibetan Buddhism, but more Eastern patriarchy in general.

  • Amparo C.
    02/04/2017 22:02

    Of course he is joking. He has said before that the next Dalai Lama can be from any nation or any sex.

  • Nana P.
    02/04/2017 20:52

    He is very wise

  • Hellen K.
    02/04/2017 15:55

    What the heck did I just watch 😂😂😂

  • Dee G.
    02/04/2017 15:33

    I nominate you for next Dalai! Better get meditating baba! Xx

  • Lucy M.
    02/04/2017 15:33

    Important to hear the context of why he said it yo

  • Lucy M.
    02/04/2017 15:33

    Patriarchy runs deep ! I wonder if what he means is that in a patriarchal, materialist society, attractive people are more likely to be listened to?

  • Lisa S.
    02/04/2017 14:29

    He is so awesome 😇❤️

  • Kelly W.
    02/03/2017 22:45

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