The Glaring Similarity of the EU Central Bank’s Leadership

24 men. One woman. All white.

Other women in the room were there for decoration

The image of the European Central Bank's governing council published on social media by the bank's new president, Christine Lagarde went viral because it was made up of mostly males. 6 members of the council make up the bank's Executive Board. 19 are governors of the euro zone nations' central banks according the ECB. They are all white, dressed in business attire and over 40 years old. The youngest is Madis Müller, from Estonia, age 42.

Lagarde replaced Mario Draghi as ECB president and has invited the governing council, its top policymaking body, to present ideas on how to improve the central bank’s internal discussions. The issue of equality wass part of the agenda for her first council meeting. The meeting was hosted at the Schlosshotel Kronberg a luxury resort in a 19th-century castle. Lagarde became the European Central Bank's first female president in early November 2019. Before that, she was the first woman to head the International Monetary Fund, and France’s first female finance minister before that. But at this meeting the only other women in the room were there for decoration.

Lagarde is expected to deliver a major shakeup to the central bank. Financial Times reports that the reform plans range from holding regular votes on monetary policy to requiring that the president does not pre-announce policy plans. Nevertheless, these proposals could potentially bring widespread changes in terms of market interpretation of future policy meetings. With the new leadership in place, it could also open the door for some deeper makeovers and blockchain technology could be one of them. Lagarde is one of the few key monetary policymakers who is open to digital currency. Her positive stance on crypto highlights the possibility of having a more blockchain-friendly environment in Europe under a Lagarde-led ECB.


11/18/2019 8:26 PM
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  • Bill K.
    18 hours

    Gender and color are not to be noticed or commented on is what Libs keep saying . So why are you noticing that now?

  • Alex F.
    a day

    White people in Europe? Who would've thought?! 😂

  • Michael L.
    a day

    It is Europe! Im sure Asian banks have all Asian boards and so on.

  • Heather C.
    a day

    May take time

  • Dustin R.
    a day

    I mean, almost all of the leaders of Africa are black skinned. Where's your outrage there? Africa is much larger by comparison.

  • Kenneth G.
    2 days

    Fault on her. She invited all of them.

  • Omar L.
    2 days

    So? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Sergio H.
    2 days

    Europe peaked already... no biggie, China is the real deal now and their banks are also run by their own people.

  • Ron R.
    2 days

    It's OK to be white.

  • Frank D.
    3 days

    I must agree with Brut, a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

  • Dro R.
    3 days

    Doesn't matter they are all reptilians.😂

  • Fitzgerald G.
    3 days

    And what the problem

  • Sharon M.
    3 days

    And they all white males 😄 that part if no one can see that ... good for the lady...

  • Warren T.
    3 days

    That's because they hire by talent not racial quotas.

  • Hazael O.
    3 days

    Lesson learn: Business is business. They dont care about diversity.

  • Ronald H.
    3 days

    i thought gender was a social construct to you peeps. just call them all women and one male.

  • Євген Ж.
    3 days

    All high level educated, long experience, hi IQ,

  • Daniel S.
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  • Edwin P.
    4 days

    “All white” what’s the point?

  • Keirèn M.
    4 days

    Im confused.... Why is it woerd or not ok for a European council to be entirely white people? The bulk of the entire continent is where white people evolved. Now itd be a bit weird for an all white african council or an all Asian American council but the focus on race here seems a bit weird. Like does it bother anyone that all the big bankers in china are chinese?