The life of Jacinda Ardern

"Kindness" is how she describes her political style. She changed her country's gun laws 10 days after a white supremacist terror attack, and has been praised for her management of the coronavirus crisis. This is the story of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

06/02/2020 5:13 PMupdated: 06/02/2020 5:15 PM


  • Ash R.
    09/26/2021 04:26

    Praised around the world, just not in her own country where most people now realise she's certifiably full of s***.

  • Tama H.
    09/24/2021 14:52

    You's all praise her but yet she still hasn't changed the Laws with Oranga Tamariki the Laws of Policing is still corrupt,Nuclear Warhead ships been through New Zealand maybe even dropped off sum who knows there clearly no warning about the Corrona Virus from the start made people panic, I needed help when I was stuck in car for 2×wks,wanting to see my kids then get refused because of Lockdown, I couldn't get back to Auckland there was no warning plus WINZ didn't know cause they didn't know what to do too themselves,and there was a couple hundred people pissed off people who were left in limbo,she worries about other stuff over seas more than she does in her Country and I don't give a dam what any of you's say she should be in the house of God, not in the house of House Horrors (Paliment) you's say everything is ok when it wasn't,buzzy bee does she even pray to God and what God is it, and who knows if that falla the Terrorist even existed why she doesn't name and shame da falla does she know of him jus so can get her face on a billboard all around the world what joke, and then top it with making Laws over our own people in our own land stopping my people from burying loved ones not letting our people morn our loved ones that have pasted I'll say it again I don't care what you's say it rude to speak in such a manner. freedom speech loveit or lumpit, if my Ancestors were here I would dare her and any Parliament Official and Authority to try stop my Tupunas from doing what they do best, I am there voice! I have there blood I come from a long Line of Chief's & Kings,so does my kids,Tau rekareka ( Be Kind )what a joke!! My people were hunted down to stop speaking our tounge and there culture and reform to a Govt and be kind sorry she doesn't have my vote she never did. "She is no God no matter how much you'd put her up on an alter. "GREATER IS HE THAT IS WITHIN ME THAN HE THAT IS IN THIS WORLD IT'S NOT BY MIGHT NOR POWER BUT BY THE SPIRIT SAYS THE LORD.🙏

  • H. M.
    09/19/2021 08:15

    bycott jacinda aunti

  • Brian M.
    09/05/2021 22:28

    You're not only a national treasure but your leadership deserves to be copied by any leader of every country that claims to be 1 Democratic and more importantly 2 CIVIL ❗

  • Mele F.
    08/29/2021 14:16

    This s why she has come a long way to fight wen comes to her voice n to won the election against national n become the first lady prime minister of New Zealand to be elected too.i just knew she won against judith Collins from national party. Great leader 🙌🏻✊🏻🇳🇿salute to u jacinda ✊🏻🙌🏻😍😍🙌🏻✊🏻🇳🇿🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙌🏻😍😍🙌🏻

  • Melissa M.
    08/27/2021 10:07

  • Brian U.
    08/26/2021 03:05

    People's Champion....

  • Aroha M.
    08/25/2021 23:36

    All past PMs in NZ only cared about their Incomes . Not one showed they cared for the people they led . Shame on them all Thankyou for leading our country to a better place after you clean there mess up .

  • Deo G.
    08/24/2021 16:18

    Jacinda is one of the most impressive female leader I have ever came across. She is brilliant, talented, smart and on top of her game.

  • Hayliegh W.
    08/21/2021 02:55

    well done pm yr the best we have had running this country since helen clark and micheal savage no one else compares.

  • Eru M.
    08/17/2021 23:01

    She's a mooseknuckle

  • Sìkàñdar Z.
    08/15/2021 08:09

    women empowerment

  • Rasmey B.
    08/14/2021 09:53

    broooo I love her

  • Lovena F.
    08/11/2021 10:47


  • Craig S.
    08/03/2021 05:58

    Commie appeaser!

  • Rafi S.
    07/24/2021 08:43

    N z pm j ardrn mam thank you ilovu

  • Mari-jane G.
    07/22/2021 00:39

    Your grew up a boy dressed as a girl.

  • Ray C.
    07/20/2021 00:28

    If only she was Australia's prime minister.

  • Jayne P.
    07/17/2021 16:19

    I'm British and I love her x

  • Barbara I.
    07/17/2021 03:06


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