The Life of Robert De Niro

"You talkin' to me?!" This is the story of acting legend Robert De Niro. đŸŽ„

Meet one of Hollywood's All-Time Greats

He is a son of Italian immigrants who conquered Hollywood. He has played the role of mobsters, a boxer, a taxi driver, he is firmly opposed to Donald Trump, this is Robert De Niro. Robert De Niro was born in 1943 in New York to an Italian-Irish immigrant family and grew up in the Little Italy neighborhood. When he was only 2 years old, his parents got divorced and his father came out as a homosexual. As a child, he was nicknamed "Bobby Milk" because of how thin and pale he was. At 16, he left high school to devote himself to theatre and trained according to the Actor's Studio method, which involves experiencing emotions rather than performing them. At 20, he was spotted by Brian de Palma who gave him his first cinematic role in "The Wedding Party”. Shot in 1963, the movie was only released 6 years later.

In 1973, he acted for the first time under the direction of Martin Scorsese in "Mean Streets”. It was in this movie that he played a mobster for the first time. A role he will play in several other films, such as "The Godfather Part II" or "Goodfellas". In 1976, he was a taxi driver for a month to prepare for the role that made him famous: Travis Bickle in "Taxi Driver". That same year, he married actress Diahnne Abbott and adopted her eldest daughter. Together, they also had a son. He then had 4 other children with 2 other women. At 36, he gained 60 pounds to play the boxer Jake LaMotta in "Raging Bull" and was awarded an Oscar for this role.

At 50, he directed his first movie: "A Bronx Tale”. In 2000, he started to shift towards comedy with "Meet the Parents”. In 2002, he founded the Tribeca Film Festival. At 67, he served as President of the Jury of the 64th Cannes Film Festival. The jury he presided awarded the Palme d'Or to Terrence Malick's "The Tree of Life". At 73, he received the Medal of Freedom, the highest American civilian award, from Barack Obama. Fiercely opposed to Donald Trump, he attacked him at the start of the 2016 presidential campaign. In January 2019, he revealed a personal reason for his opposition to Donald Trump. At 76, Robert De Niro met up with Martin Scorsese for a 9th collaboration: "The Irishman", produced by Netflix, where he performed alongside Harvey Keitel, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino.


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  • Ann T.
    09/25/2021 08:19

    Being an actor has nothing to do with what one believes. Everyone has an opinion. There are to many in the media that give their thoughts and opinions and they are entitled to. We live in a country freedom of speech. De Niro, his acting he makes it very appealing. Like an artist who sings a song, we hear it coming from deep within their soul - we feel it, the song has pressed upon our mind, body and soul. De Niro’s acting feeds into us. I would love to have a cup of coffee with him and ask him a few questions ~

  • Linda T.
    09/17/2021 00:42

    Thank You for what you stand for........

  • Joe B.
    08/29/2021 14:41


  • Sossi T.
    08/29/2021 14:32

    Mr De Niro you're great

  • Ljlijana B.
    08/29/2021 12:54

    Great actor đŸ‘â€ïž

  • JC C.
    08/29/2021 00:56

    Please stick to acting and say out of politics I hope that your happy now with Joe Biden you POS

  • Murillo I.
    08/28/2021 20:24

    Uno de los mĂĄs grandes

  • Noahie A.
    08/28/2021 04:32


  • Viktoriia A.
    08/24/2021 18:50

    Medal of Freedom!

  • Sheki W.
    08/23/2021 11:31

    Robert was a hottie back n the day..A superb & talented actor.

  • Beino Z.
    08/22/2021 17:07

    Tell me Robert, don't know where your morals or brain is, but.... If your happy with Biden, I'm done watching your movies👎👎Maybe U don't belong in this country. 🙄

  • Ron S.
    08/22/2021 16:54


  • Bernie B.
    08/21/2021 08:34

    So Bob, what say you about Biden's chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal?

  • Sumeet S.
    08/21/2021 02:53

    Wat he has to say abt his newly elected president?? I supported Sean Penn wen he opposed Bush for declaring war in Afghanistan... The most powerful country in the world took 20 years to find their biggest enemy in their own puppet country Paxtan...How appalling???😅😅😅

  • John R.
    08/20/2021 16:46

    He’s a radical leftist

  • Riv D.
    08/20/2021 15:47

    Why did Deniro hate Trump you ask?? Here are just a few reasons: Trump sold billions of dollars of weapons to the 9/11 Saudis and the country of Qatar only two days after calling them terrorist countries. He defended the 9/11 Saudis after they killed an American reporter. He takes Putin's word over our own. He sent love letters and said he fell in love with a North Korean dictator. China informed Trump of coronavirus in 2019 and not only did Trump ignore their advice, he lied to downplay coronavirus killing 700,000 Americans because he thought the facts would affect his re-election....He extorted the country of Ukraine and withheld military aid for them to come up with fake info about biden's son. Trump knew that Putin was putting a bounty on the heads of our soldiers in Afghanistan and invited him to the G7 summit...Trump claimed that pow veterans are not heroes and that our fallen soldiers are suckers and losers for being killed in action at war...

  • Anja K.
    08/20/2021 08:24

    I just love Robert De Niro ♄ Who doesn’t đŸ€—đŸ€— Don’t forget ‘The Awakenings’
 Very moving and touching film 🎞

  • Moataz A.
    08/19/2021 03:00

    يŰșŰȘŰ”ŰšÙˆÙ† Ű§ŰšÙ†ŰȘك ÙˆŰ§Ù†ŰȘ ŰȘŰȘÙŰ§ŰźŰ± ŰšÙ‡Ű§ ŰŁÙ…Ű§Ù… Ű§Ù„Ù†Ű§Űł وهي ŰȘŰ”ÙŠŰ­ في ŰŻŰ§ŰźÙ„Ù‡Ű§ لم ŰȘŰ±Ù‰ Ű°Ù„Ùƒ Ű§Ù„Ù…Ű§Ù„ ۧŰčمى Ù‚Ù„ŰšÙƒ

  • Moataz A.
    08/19/2021 02:57

    Ű§Ù„Ű§Ù†ŰłŰ§Ù† ŰčÙ†ŰŻÙ…Ű§ Ù„Ű§ يمكنه ŰŁÙ† يكون ŰșŰČŰ§Ù„ ÙÙ„ÙŠŰł Ű§Ù…Ű§Ù…Ù‡ Ű§Ù„Ű§ Ű§Ù† يكون ۣ۳ۯۧ Ű§Ùˆ Ű§Ù† يكون Ű«ŰčÙ„Űš

  • Moataz A.
    08/19/2021 02:53

    Thing you very much

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